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Early animations

Students spent the first couple of weeks in February learning how to animate within Illustrator. They studied five of the animation principles: Squash/Stretch, Timing/Spacing, Slow-out/Slow-in, Follow Through/Overlapping Action, Anticipation.

Here are a few great examples from students, after just 3 days of animating in Illustrator.


The Suckered 002: Twenty Minutes Too


That’s right, after a one-month hiatus, a new The Suckered was released on 08/08. So go get your tentacle on with Twenty Minutes Too.

We Moved Card


Made this little doo-dah tonight after work to send to the whole two people who don’t have email on our people we must tell when we move list.

That being said, anyone moving soon that will need a few of these? Complete with fake “glue leakage”!

Hall Art

Hall Art

A few months ago, the team of designers at work were asked to come up with concepts for customized artwork for our office. The department had moved to their new place about a year ago, but they needed 1) Something to define the space as theirs 2) Something that can be displayed as a “We can do this for you, too.” Two of our concepts were quite similar (a painting of Sioux Falls landscapes, his of Falls Park, mine of downtown) and we moved forward with them. What differed between the two of ours were that his was a large rectangled artwork and mine was a multi-paneled display. Both unique in their own ways.

Mine was huge, and for space issues, we needed to downsize it several times. I had major issues with the large-format printer we use, and it took several weeks to get a good printed version of each panel. And the paper we used was fickle, so I had to wear gloves to handle the paper and occasionally the gloves ruined the print. By the time my five panels were ready to be taken to the guy would give it a canvas laminate and mount it nicely, my coworker’s art had been hanging for a week. In any case, eventually my project was ready to hang (apparently the production guy we used was cursing the paper as well, so I feel better about that) and we thought it turned out so well, the place of display was moved to be right outside the elevator and stairwell so it’s the first thing you see when you come to our department. It just so happened that the measurements were exact to the wall. Where we were going to hang it wouldn’t have worked out too well, as it was in a hallway and you kind of need to be a few feet away from this piece to really take it in. In any case, it turned out nice and is something I can be proud of. The work the production guy did was fantastic and really made this look nice. It’s fun to hear the comments from people of other departments who come to ours for the first time since its hanging.

Sushi Wallpapers

Even though I think the thought of eating the stuff is nasty, here’s some sushi wallpapers! And since I didn’t feel like making the decision myself, you have color options!

desaturated-fish desaturated-californiarollssm

californiarolls fish