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Final Illustration

Recession article

The final illustration was published in 605 Magazine, a new Sioux Falls magazine for young adults. After seeing it in print, there are things I would do differently, but that’s the way it goes. And if I’m asked again to contribute, I’ll have a more streamlined process and know what tweaks to make the next go-around.

I was also listed on the 605 Contributors page:


Emo Husband

Power Bill 2

Step 1: Scan and share brainstorming sketches.

Step 2: Take the brainstorming sketches and make a more detailed sketch of husband. Change his hairstyle to make him look ten years younger. Remove facial hair and glasses so he doesn’t look like a web developer.

Step 3: Scan and share.

Last I heard, the actual finished version of this project (using Illustrator and Photoshop) has been sent to the printer. So, next time, you should be seeing the finished version.

Fun fact: While posing for this sketch, Miles was holding a book featuring paintings of Zdzislaw Beksinski. Google him if you want nightmares. I dare you.

Brainstorming Sketches

moped power bill

Working on an illustration to contribute to a local project. The theme is, obviously, about the economic downturn. These are my initial sketches. I may post more later as they develop more substantially, or I may wait until the final design has been published. I know you’re curious, so I’ll just go ahead and answer some of your questions now.

  • Yes, that is a line drawing of the back of a car. I think the wheels give it away.
  • Yes, the girl’s left hand is huge. She feels self-conscious about it, so…thanks for pointing it out.
  • No, that candle is not floating.
  • Yes, I realize that by having a “No Right Turn” sign, it makes one assume there is no way to recovery. After sketching this, I thought a “Rough Road” sign might translate better.
  • No, that woman has no torso and yes, her arm connects to her ear.
  • Yes, the moped dude’s anatomy is loosely based off my mental image of someone I know. No, I won’t tell you who.
  • No, that awkward-looking crotch will not make it to the final illustration. Shucks.
  • Yes, those are my husband’s legs. But *he* has feet.


IMG_7802 crop IMG_7807

My hometown Youth for Christ organization asked me to create a graphic for their new building, called “Crosswalk”.  They wanted something that was more of the intersection crosswalk, than overtly Christian but also hoped a cross could be incorporated.  I came up with the graphic you see on the building.  One is facing the highway and the other is facing the parking lot.  A few volunteers painted it by hand this weekend, and did an excellent job if I do say so myself.

Rausch for House

Rausch for House yard sign

My father-in-law is up for re-election and wanted a logo boost and, seeing as we’re related and I’m a designer, I was perfect for the job and glad to do it. Above is actually what I put together for a yard sign – the actual logo is in that navy blue but I think this looks nice too. There’s another version that has “re-elect” and Val’s photo included, but of course, as a yard-sign, it wouldn’t have worked quite well. It’s saved for other pieces. I was honored to do the project and am proud of the results.