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Van Gogh master study

As an experiment with the stick in ink technique in my art methods class, we did a quick master study of Van Gogh’s cicadas. Mine is below.

I really enjoyed it.

DrawnTown block party

Because of grad school classes on Tuesday nights, we hadn’t been to a DrawnTown since 2009! Since my classes finished up for the summer in July, we could attend a special block party event where DrawnTown participants were invited to come and do their DrawnTowny thing. So we went and enjoyed some music for a while. Ian also enjoyed some music, but mostly enjoyed Daddy’s hair. View the rest of the set here.

Charcoal sketch

Nummy hair

Dinos Say “Rawr!”

Crib corner


Dinos everywhere!

dino one colored dino two colored dino three colored

Preliminary sketches and color exploration for paintings in the nursery.

Rausch Family Calendar

Every year, Miles’s Aunt Sue organizes the Rausch family calendar. Each family gets their own page – since our engagement, we’ve been considered a family and have needed to provide a page. We literally had less than 5 photos taken of us together in the last year. So I got a little creative.

Rausch Family Calendar page