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Sushi Wallpapers

Even though I think the thought of eating the stuff is nasty, here’s some sushi wallpapers! And since I didn’t feel like making the decision myself, you have color options!

desaturated-fish desaturated-californiarollssm

californiarolls fish

Seasonal Trees Wallpapers

Because I learned a new technique yesterday, and sketched a tree outside our patio, I created some wallpapers to share with you all. I know I never got September wallpapers out, and I apologize. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy these. You can find them here.

August Wallpapers

This month, the theme is Summer and Back to School. Feel free to download any to your computer to use as your background! Find them at this page.

There’s only one more month left until I’ve done a series of wallpapers for every month of the year. I plan to continue doing wallpapers as often as I can (because some of them are sub-par) and that might mean once a month, once every couple weeks or once every several weeks. I’ll try to add monthly wallpapers to current months that are lacking good wallpapers. But I also hope to just release themed series, like “flowers”, “swirls”, “retro”, etc. If you have any themes you’d like to see wallpapers for sometime, leave a comment with your suggestions!

Monthly Wallpapers

At the beginning of each month [except this month] I’m going to upload some themed wallpapers to this page. This month, the themes are Fall and Halloween. Feel free to download any to your computer to use as your background!
I will be doing illustrations, photos, etc. and expect for them to get better as I go. No guarantees.