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In the last two weeks, Miles and I have hosted 11 people.  Two weekends ago: Tony.  Last weekend: David, Chris, Tyler, Joel, Bryan, Deb, Luke, Marissa and Patty.   Yesterday/today: Dan.  Our apartment (and we) enjoy the company.

When Tony visited, we saw Heywood Banks, RockBand-ed, talked about LOST and traveled to Madison to see DSU’s play (I threw up 3 times on the way).  I also cooked every meal, except Saturday night where we ate at Ruby Tuesdays.  Then the vomit.  We had a good time.

When our nine friends visited, it was our LOST weekend.  And that was such a fantastic and magical weekend. Who knew that 11 people sitting in our apartment could watch TV non-stop for 11 hours before a break at 11pm?  That’s a lot of elevens.  And then powered through for 4 more hours of LOST watching?  That’s a lot of TV.  With not very comfortable seating.  What was even more awesome was that everyone there was hooked (if they weren’t already) by the end of Friday, which was only 4 episodes.  I cooked every meal that weekend too, except for Friday when we just ordered pizza.  We also had Dharma-issued snacks and drinks.  You wouldn’t understand, if you haven’t seen at least the first episode of Season 2.  The thing about LOST is, you can’t really start watching in Season 4…or really even skip an episode.  You wouldn’t be entirely LOST if you skipped an episode, but you might  miss an important link.  And that’s awesome.  We’re having another weekend in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been thinking of LOST ever since everyone left us.  Good thing a new one is on tonight!

Dan came to us yesterday on his way back from Kansas.  We ate at Valentino’s and will be eating at Panera Bread for lunch and at Skippers in Madison tonight, before Mass (Skippers had been planned for like 3 weeks).  I didn’t cook for Dan because we had planned out our meals this week and only bought groceries for those meals and they all involved meat.  Good thing I like Valentino’s, Panera Bread, and Skippers!

Anyway, we’ve had lots of guests but don’t mind more.  This weekend will be our “last” one alone in Sioux Falls, then we’re off to St. Paul!

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Well, I’m home for Easter break and it’s below freezing with the wind. My parents are on vacation right now…in 87 degree weather. They were supposed to go a few weeks ago, but got blizzarded out.
I’m in the house alone, because Marissa went riding around and I am a scaredy-cat. The washing machine was unbalanced and making loud noises. It sounded like a monster.

On the bright side, here’s my dad playing Guitar Hero!

Dad & Guitar Hero

Tomorrow, I’m hosting a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law, Cari. It should be pretty fun, but has been a lot more work and money than I expected. The theme is Around the Clock, where each guest is given a time of day and are to buy a gift fitting for that time. Example: if you had 6:00PM, you’d probably give some sort of gift that has to do with cooking. Get it?!

Sunday, Marissa and I are going to church and then going to Sioux City with grandma and grandpa to meet up with other family for lunch. Then on Monday, I’m stopping in Sioux Falls on my way back to Madison and then my break is over…!