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September/October sketchbook

Thumbs way, way, up

Sight and sniff


Rearview Reflections

Smiling Giraffe


Halloween witch

Nightmare on 2nd Floor Emry

Goofies A beautiful girl wakes up, and goes to take a shower. She returns to her room and whiffs an awful, horrible smell. Soon, she realizes this…smell…is coming from her Halloween pumpkin. The pumpkin she magnificently carved less than 48 hours earlier. She picks it up, and its rotten orange skin melts in her hands. Not because it’s in love with her, but because it is seeping pumpkin juice through the skin. It….is DEAD!

She searches her room for a bag to put it in, and settles on a sturdy paper bag with handles. She lets it sit in its doomed coffin while she finishes getting ready for class. As she leaves, she carries the bag down the hall. Suddenly, the bag becomes weightless. She looks at her feet in horror.

Pumpkin insides are everywhere. Rotten, gooey, dirty, orange mush on the floor. The paper bag is soaked through with the pumpkin’s juice. She picked up every piece of nastiness, carried it to the dumpster, washed her hands and went on with her day. And then she died.

Most of the above story is true, and happened to one Holli Gregg.