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Decorations Still Hanging

I’m only writing because it’s been a while. Not really because I have much to say. Unless you read this and see that it’s super long – then I guess I thought of something.

The holidays came and went fast. We spent the actual Christmas Eve/Day with the Rausch and Miles families. Christmas Day night, my family came up for our kinda-sorta-annual Christmas Day movie tradition. That weekend we spent Christmas with some of the Greggs and Leaders. Two of my high school friends got married that weekend at home, so that worked out convenient for us.

New Year’s Eve we spent in Hawarden again, playing board games with my family and my sister-in-law’s family. Played: Squares, Pop 5, Buzzword, Apples to Apples. It was fun to just hang out and focus on strategy and playing the games.

I’m almost done with what’s been published of the Twilight saga. My sister’s friend is letting me borrow her copies. While it’s not the most well-written piece of literature I’ve ever read, it is an enjoyable story and somewhat addicting. I feel like my HS-age sister and sister-in-law. I don’t go crazy when Twilight is mentioned, but I can see why they like them so much. I’m almost done with the last book and it’s much more maturely-written than the previous three. I even blush. I am considering seeing the movie, though I know it won’t be as good – might have to wait until the library gets it in for rental if I don’t go soon before it leaves the theaters.

In a couple weeks, Miles and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary. We’re going to spend the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend at my grandparent’s timeshare in Okoboji. It’s something we’ve been planning since November, but now I feel like we need a weekend away even more. My family used to stay at this timeshare quite often in my pre-college days. Miles has not been there before and I think he’ll like it.

We’re well into the new year and I still haven’t written a check or anything that will force me to change my 08 habits. I don’t anticipate it being too difficult. So many things happened in 2008 (good *and* bad, but it’s easier to remember the bad) that I’m ready to move on.

Merry Moving

Rockband This weekend we moved Miles to Sioux Falls to our first apartment. It’s very nice, and I’m excited to move there myself! Thanks to Val, Brenna, and Bob for helping out. We couldn’t have done it without you.

But, moving is not enjoyable, even with help. And we technically get to do it twice. In a month. At least we weren’t moving to a new town, preparing for a wedding, graduating, starting new jobs, and doing it all in the winter. Am I right?  I’ll be bringing carloads of my things throughout January and we’ll move me completely sometime after the wedding. I’ll need to find a graphic design job soon as well…but in the last month or so, there really have not been any openings in the Sioux Falls area. Wish me luck!

Noteworthy enjoyables about the apartment: washer and dryer in the unit, dishwasher, two beds, two baths, large closets, comfy carpets, large rooms. Still, there are things I’d like to change, but who lives in a perfect world?

My unpacking jobs this weekend: organizing/alphabetizing DVD collection, arranging furniture, dish washing, unloading kitchen stuff, laundry, and hanging art and photos.

Anyway, today marks the last year for being a “Miss” and I look forward to the next couple of weeks of preparing, freaking, and looking forward to the big day!

Happy New Year!

Another List

Falls Park

I’m bored. I have been for a lot of the break. I’ve played at least 10 games of solitaire every day that I’ve been home. And I’ve still done some productive things, too. Over break, I have:

  • conducted a photoshoot with Marissa one pleasant afternoon. Check them out here.
  • been hired by DSU to do some simple web editing. This may or may not turn into a part-time job that I’ve applied for.
  • celebrated a one-year anniversary with Miles.
  • traveled to Madison, Big Stone City, and Council Bluffs.
  • survived a blizzard-like trip home.
  • created invitations for Adam’s wedding.
  • revisited Falls Park for the first time since Miles asked me out.
  • had a dentist appointment. Luckily, the dentist didn’t ask for an MO this time.
  • attended a house-warming party for Holly and Bob.
  • played tons of games.
  • got fitted for a bridesmaid dress.
  • watched football.
  • scraped off wallpaper border and repainted a room.
  • got realigned by my chiropractor.

Here are the before and after pictures of the room.

P1010010 P1010004

It doesn’t look like much of a change, but trust me – it is. It began as a bright yellow that didn’t cover the walls very well. When I was done, it was a carmel/latte color on three walls with a “Lucky Penny” color as an accent wall. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Also, disregard the bedspread and curtains. They will be replaced to match the rest of the room.

I will return to Madison tomorrow. School does not start until the 17th, but I’ve got plenty of things to do in the mean time, plus RA responsibilities. Sorry that it’s taken so long for me to post!

Having our kicks in 2006!

Doug smiles big with the manatee. We left the house at 5:45 AM to make our way to a river off the Gulf of Mexico and swim with sea manatees. When we arrived, it seemed we might not be able to do it because we didn’t have a reservation made in advance, but two groups cancelled and so that freed up space on a boat for the six of us. We had 5 minutes to get our gear and put on our wet suits. That was an adventure in itself! The girls decided not to squeeze in the bathroom and put them on, but just quickly do it in the main entrance. We all were given mediums. Well…our bottoms and our tops aren’t necessarily the same size. We were squeezed in pretty good. I think they just wanted to see us struggling to pull the things on ourselves. Anyway, we make it on the boat along with boy scouts from Tennessee and head to a little bay area off Crystal River.

We lower ourselves into the water with our scuba masks and flippers and start swimming to the area where manatees lounge. It took a while for us to see our first manatee. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to see my first one right next to me…but not as nervous as I thought I would be. My first time ever in Florida, as a youngster. We petted them and looked at them. They aren’t the most gorgeous creatures in the world. But our captain described them as dogs wrapped in a giant baked potato. They were much friendlier than most dogs I’ve run across. We saw close to 20 different sea cows, along with some other varieties of animals. I wish we would have run across some colorful fish, but we weren’t in the colorful fish area, I guess. We were in the hour for an hour and a half and then headed back to the boat. It was a great experience and we took pictures with an underwater disposable camera. I considered opting out, but thanks to Miles’ convincing, I did it. I thought they’d be bringing us to deep waters in the ocean. Shows how stupid I am.

We relaxed all afternoon and evening. We had a Cinderellabration, just like in Disney World. Ours was better. Heather, Jackie, and Bryan slept almost up until the ball dropped in New York. I worked on pictures we had taken to make them look prettier and such. I called Miles when it hit midnight in Orlando and he called me when it hit midnight in the Midwest. I was already sleeping at that point. Then we got some sleep for our last day in Orlando.

At Universal Studios. We headed to Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure for some fun in the sun. We got there before the park opened, so we beat the crowd. Apparently New Year’s Day morning is the least busy time, so we rode 7 rides before noon rolled around. Rides ridden today include: Dueling Dragons roller coaster(twice), Hulk roller coaster, Spiderman, Flyin’ Unicorns (by accident), Jurassic Park River, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall, and watched the stunt show The 8th Voyage of Sinbad. Dueling Dragons and Hulk were favorites, while Jurassic Park scared the crap out of us, and Dr. Doom was a huge disappointment. A good day, all in all. We shopped for a little bit and ate a snack at the “#1 Theme Park Restaurant in the World.” Then the boys decided it would be a good idea to watch King Kong in the cinema at Universal Studios. The girls weren’t all that interested in seeing the movie in theaters mainly because it was 3 hours long, but decided to humor them and tag along. I was asleep by the end of the previews and for the first hour of the movie. I must be getting sick because I never get so tired so fast, nor do I sleep during movies. I woke up at the first appearance of King Kong and apparently didn’t miss out on any of the plot line. The last two hours of the movie were pretty decent. But I could have been just fine if it were cut down to being not so long. Some things were a bit ridiculous, but also humorous at times as well with Kong’s jealousy and what have you. Turns out, all three boys had seen the movie already; this irritated me, but am still glad to have seen it. We returned to the house and are cooking, packing, and putting Heather’s pictures on my computer. We’ll probably consume the last episode of The Office as well. We fly out tomorrow morning and brace ourselves for the weather. See you all soon!

OK, bye bye!