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Ian Pollock

Though it’s not technically a stage of art development, I would say Ian is “pre-scribbling”.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…

Hopefully you have all realized that my last post was completely sarcastic. I had a great weekend and look forward to future endeavors with Bryce and Lindsey. *thumbs up*

Valentine's Day I had a busy Valentine’s Day. (No, not The Honorable’s special day, sillies.) It was full of laughter and love and pain and African drums and tears and a guitar. Intrigued? You should be.

I went to Web Publishing II, where I was informed that there was no class. I was so excited, since this was the second day in a row that my 1st class of the day had been canceled. I came back to work on an assignment for the class and felt horribly sick. I was in so much pain that it was hard to walk. But I made it to my 11:00 class where Miles and I had an emailed conversation and decided to have lunch together afterward. We ate while the Kudzida cultural musical performance occurred, which seemed highly out of place for the day and location. Miles surprised me with some candy turtles his mom bought while we were in Big Stone City. Awwwwwh!

Miles' poem We headed to my room, where he had earlier placed on my door a CD case and a sheet of paper turned around. I was very surprised to see it. They were two CDs he had made for me. The paper actually had a poem on it that Miles had written for me. It was very sweet and romantic and it made me tear up! I need to figure out where to display it yet. He also created a desktop wallpaper to go along with it.

All of the above paragraph happened in a matter of five minutes because I had to meet up with Lisa and Ben and David to deliver Love Out Loud cards from the Drama Club. We delivered about 15 in two hours; it was a lot of fun, especially when we delivered to DSU faculty. I had my guitar and played chords and soft songs while the others read the Valentines. David got two LOL cards from Chuck Norris, Tony and Miles, believe it or not. And Miles got one from Chuck Norris’ lover, David, which is gross. We delivered his while he was in class. He got two, the other being from me. I was too chicken to read it to him myself though, so I just played the guitar while Ben read it. The most awkward delivery was to a mechanic in the body shop. All of his mechanic buddies were cat calling at him and laughing at him. When we left David said, “Someone’s going to get beat tonight.” True story.

Miles' favorite thing in the world I went to visit Miles at the library while he tutored. There he read me the LOL card he made for me. Enjoyable? Of course. Ridiculous? Nothing less. I also gave him one of his gifts, Season 2 of Arrested Development. Dad, if you’re lucky, maybe he can be coaxed into bringing it to Hawarden when we visit! He had no clue he was getting it. Even though when he’d say, “I think I’m going to buy Season Two of AD” I would respond with, “I think it would be best if you didn’t.” He never saw it coming. Then I went to class. I skipped band because I didn’t feel well and lied down in my room. Miles came to visit when he got off work and we went to eat at Common Grounds. We decided we weren’t impressed with the new location and atmosphere of the place. But it was still a great dinner and a wonderful time with Miles. I went to work at KJAM – because I’m dumb and never asked for it off. Then Miles and I broke in the first two episodes of his gift.

Check out Miles’ Valentine’s day pictures here. I received valentines from fellow RA Megan, Emry President Crystal, and friends Danielle/Carrie/Kensi/Sara. I gave none. I’m a horrible friend.

Biggest news from yesterday, friends Bob Davidson and Holly Smith got engaged! When she showed me the ring in class, I screamed and then started crying and laughing. – A typical response from me. I’m very excited for them. Cheers!