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Donate to Second Chance Rescue and get a free pet photo session and 5×7 print!

Details are on Scott Meyer Photography’s blog.

Are You One of The Suckered?

Oku draws Oku

A sneak peek of a panel from our new web comic series, The Suckered. First comic released today, so check it out!

Water Safety

Water Safety sketch Water Safety

After a month skipped, I contributed to the June issue of 605 Magazine once again. But if you’re looking for me in the bio section, you won’t find it. I was forgotted. But that is OK with me. The article I was to provide an illustration for was about water safety in the summer, particularly lake safety. Having spent many summers as a camp counselor on a lake, I know water-related accidents are serious and scary. I chose to do a more comical illustration. I kind of wish I had read the article before choosing to go that route. It just is too light-hearted. We chose not to illustrate an article in May for the same reason. Maybe should have gone in a different direction. Oh well, you live and you learn I guess.

Short People Will Rule the World

chibi After a kick in the pants from Graphic Content’s Graphic Comic Week I decided it was about time I learn how to draw manga. I’d been meaning to for weeks, inspired by the anime Miles and I watch (mostly by School Rumble) but just was downright lazy. So I checked out four books from the library to assist me in this endeavor and got started. I did a step-by-step of a chibi (cutesy short person!) to start off. She’s just so cuuuuuute! But, again, it was step-by-step so it’s hard to screw up. Though, I did use some artistic liberties in the fact that I gave her a headband. Go me!

I had supergrand ideas that I know many of you would have loved. I was going to create a scene from LOST usingĀ  season one characters in the chibi style. I quickly realized that it would not happen (over the weekend, at least.) Have you noticed…nothing really defines the characters in their wardrobe? There are a couple I could do things with, like Claire (pregnant) but she wasn’t in the scene I wanted to draw and Charlie (hoodie, guitar). Nothing really defines anyone else and so in my head, I figured it would just look like a bunch of short people standing around and one person has a guitar. Nothing too grand there. So for now, that’s on hold, but I might pick it up again in the future and give it a real go. Before I decided it was a flop, I drew two characters (actually three, but Hurley was a FAILure).

sawyer kate

Sawyer – angry, and in chibi style. And Kate, not angry, but in handcuffs and human person style. See what I mean? If I didn’t tell you who they were, or that they were from LOST, you wouldn’t have been able to guess it yourself.

I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me.

And hey! I see Graphic Content has posted my submission to them while I have been writing this post!

Sushi Wallpapers

Even though I think the thought of eating the stuff is nasty, here’s some sushi wallpapers! And since I didn’t feel like making the decision myself, you have color options!

desaturated-fish desaturated-californiarollssm

californiarolls fish