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InDesign Trick

I learned this trick from GoMediaZine on Friday. Tried it yesterday. It will literally change my layout life. Works like a charm and I can’t believe I lined up any other way! I had to share.

In Adobe InDesign, move your cursor right before the first letter of the paragraph on the first line of your bulleted list. Press ctrl + \ and the other lines will fall in directly below that one. You are left with a clean left justified bulleted item. NOTE: When setting your rags by hand on the item, do not use a hard return (Enter) or the trick will not work. If you need to insert a manual break, use a soft return (Shift + Enter) and the list will still line up correctly.

Thank you, GoMediaZine.

My DrawnTown Chalk

My two pieces from tonight’s DrawnTown, hosted by Graphic Content.

Falls Park Tree

A tree at Falls Park.

Falls Park Lookout

The lookout where we sketched from last month. Looks empty.

We Moved Card


Made this little doo-dah tonight after work to send to the whole two people who don’t have email on our people we must tell when we move list.

That being said, anyone moving soon that will need a few of these? Complete with fake “glue leakage”!

My DrawnTown Ink

My two pieces from last night’s DrawnTown, hosted by Graphic Content.

Falls Park

One single line drawing.

Falls Park

More detailed sketch, but then my shadows started disappearing. Oh no’s!

iPod Painting

And the painting I did on my iPod from last month’s DrawnTown.

Make a Donation

Donate to Second Chance Rescue and get a free pet photo session and 5×7 print!

Details are on Scott Meyer Photography’s blog.