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Thunderstorm Rolling In

Sunset Thunderstorm

Boom. Crash.

Hall Art

Hall Art

A few months ago, the team of designers at work were asked to come up with concepts for customized artwork for our office. The department had moved to their new place about a year ago, but they needed 1) Something to define the space as theirs 2) Something that can be displayed as a “We can do this for you, too.” Two of our concepts were quite similar (a painting of Sioux Falls landscapes, his of Falls Park, mine of downtown) and we moved forward with them. What differed between the two of ours were that his was a large rectangled artwork and mine was a multi-paneled display. Both unique in their own ways.

Mine was huge, and for space issues, we needed to downsize it several times. I had major issues with the large-format printer we use, and it took several weeks to get a good printed version of each panel. And the paper we used was fickle, so I had to wear gloves to handle the paper and occasionally the gloves ruined the print. By the time my five panels were ready to be taken to the guy would give it a canvas laminate and mount it nicely, my coworker’s art had been hanging for a week. In any case, eventually my project was ready to hang (apparently the production guy we used was cursing the paper as well, so I feel better about that) and we thought it turned out so well, the place of display was moved to be right outside the elevator and stairwell so it’s the first thing you see when you come to our department. It just so happened that the measurements were exact to the wall. Where we were going to hang it wouldn’t have worked out too well, as it was in a hallway and you kind of need to be a few feet away from this piece to really take it in. In any case, it turned out nice and is something I can be proud of. The work the production guy did was fantastic and really made this look nice. It’s fun to hear the comments from people of other departments who come to ours for the first time since its hanging.

Short People Will Rule the World

chibi After a kick in the pants from Graphic Content’s Graphic Comic Week I decided it was about time I learn how to draw manga. I’d been meaning to for weeks, inspired by the anime Miles and I watch (mostly by School Rumble) but just was downright lazy. So I checked out four books from the library to assist me in this endeavor and got started. I did a step-by-step of a chibi (cutesy short person!) to start off. She’s just so cuuuuuute! But, again, it was step-by-step so it’s hard to screw up. Though, I did use some artistic liberties in the fact that I gave her a headband. Go me!

I had supergrand ideas that I know many of you would have loved. I was going to create a scene from LOST usingĀ  season one characters in the chibi style. I quickly realized that it would not happen (over the weekend, at least.) Have you noticed…nothing really defines the characters in their wardrobe? There are a couple I could do things with, like Claire (pregnant) but she wasn’t in the scene I wanted to draw and Charlie (hoodie, guitar). Nothing really defines anyone else and so in my head, I figured it would just look like a bunch of short people standing around and one person has a guitar. Nothing too grand there. So for now, that’s on hold, but I might pick it up again in the future and give it a real go. Before I decided it was a flop, I drew two characters (actually three, but Hurley was a FAILure).

sawyer kate

Sawyer – angry, and in chibi style. And Kate, not angry, but in handcuffs and human person style. See what I mean? If I didn’t tell you who they were, or that they were from LOST, you wouldn’t have been able to guess it yourself.

I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me.

And hey! I see Graphic Content has posted my submission to them while I have been writing this post!

Drink Up!

soda sketch soda illustration

Initial sketch to final illustration, here is my contribution to the April issue of 605 Magazine. It was for an article that gave creative ideas for graduation party invitations. One of the ideas, obviously, was to put your party information on a soda bottle. In the final version in the magazine, I noticed one small error, which was my fault. (A consequence of indirectly working with the magazine and therefore, not seeing a proof.) Otherwise the overall quality was much better than last time.

The Greatest Idea in the World

When struggling to write a paper defending one side of an issue for Government class in high school, my dad gave me some advice. He told me that the best debaters know how to argue both sides of the issue. It makes sense. Being able to foresee how the other person sees the issue, can help you in defending your side. I assume it’s a fundamental part of debate. But my school didn’t have debate club, or whatever.

Sometimes, I take the other side of an issue, even if it’s not the one I’d side with. And even if it’s not an issue at all. I do it just for the sake of uncovering the possible problems that may arise. I do it to bring up other points. I frequently wonder if that makes me a pessimist. I don’t think so, though sometimes I *am* pessimistic (just as often as optimistic).

I’d like to think of it mostly as realism. I think people, by nature, are disagreeable. Even if you have what could be considered the greatest idea in the world, someone will have a problem with it. Someone will think they have a better way to do it. Someone will think life was better before your idea was realized. Sometimes, these people will be right. Sometimes, these disagreeable people have the knowledge and capability to make your “greatest idea in the world” into something better.

This way of thinking (pessimistic, realistic, argumentative, whatever you want to call it) brings change. From Blu-Ray discs on our shelf to the mighty mouse on my desk, to the “new” Facebook open in a tab in my browser, to browser tabs. And to the cell phone you might be reading this post on. Everything around us exists because someone thought differently from everyone else around them.

And everything around you right now? Right now, someone’s thinking of a better way to do it.