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The Brighter Side

Well, I went in to the 3D lab on Wednesday and basically spent about 4 hours making up 10 hours of work. But I did it. The reason why it went so much faster is because I’d been through it all and basically needed to be in a rhythm to finish, it was just going through the motions. It wasn’t so bad — it was more of the mind game of thinking “I already did this and could be getting AHEAD instead of playing catch-up”. But I’m now at the point I should have been on Monday, which isn’t so bad. The project is due a week from this Monday…which is unfortunate because there’s a lot I want to do. I really want to spend a lot of time on the animation part of the project. I’m on duty next weekend, so that’s to my advantage that I’m stuck on campus anyway, so I might as well go in to work on the project, rather than sit and watch TBS (which isn’t all bad!). The upcoming deadline is not advantageous, but it’s doable.

Also on the plus side, I won two eSIP awards, which is surprising and exciting! (Click the pictures to take you to the winning posts!)
A graphic depicting a coffee cup as the 2006 eSIP Award for Most Sucks To Be Me

A graphic depicting a coffee cup as the 2006 eSIP Award for Most Bestly Written

More bad news, though…I’m in Big Stone this weekend. Just kidding! Well, I am in Big Stone. But that’s not bad news. Just thought I’d trick ya’ll! GOTCHYA!

And it’s not even April Fools’ Day! GENIUS!

Sitting at the desk

This is my LIVE BLOGGING from sitting at the hall desk during the Halloween Dance.

12:20AM – Miles left the dorm to get some shut-eye

12:23AM – Continue with Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode watching

12:28AM – Guy walked in dressed as a woman

12:38AM – Sara Madison and I thought alike…we have great minds

12:39AM – Weird loud noises coming from above, checked it out

12:43AM – No solution, Sara went to walk around upstairs and see what is up

12:47AM – Sara and I open up my janitor’s closet and a pipe is vibrating making loud noises. We decide it’s just a freak thing where 2 weeks after turning on, they clamor around.

1:02AM – Called security to come check it out. He said he just turned the broiler up. Then he laughed for a really long time…

1:12AM – Facebook stalked people we didn’t know

1:15AM – Honey Bee walked in the door

1:30AM – Played the Facebook Friend Game together

1:33AM – Ballerina walked in the door

1:38AM – Sara and I realized we’re both wearing “I heart NY” shirts

1:58AM – Security guy came in, he joked with us, we ignored him

2:00AM – Five minutes until making the rounds

2:01AM – Watched girl kiss boyfriend…ew

2:04AM – Computer off, parting ways

Nightmare on 2nd Floor Emry

Goofies A beautiful girl wakes up, and goes to take a shower. She returns to her room and whiffs an awful, horrible smell. Soon, she realizes this…smell…is coming from her Halloween pumpkin. The pumpkin she magnificently carved less than 48 hours earlier. She picks it up, and its rotten orange skin melts in her hands. Not because it’s in love with her, but because it is seeping pumpkin juice through the skin. It….is DEAD!

She searches her room for a bag to put it in, and settles on a sturdy paper bag with handles. She lets it sit in its doomed coffin while she finishes getting ready for class. As she leaves, she carries the bag down the hall. Suddenly, the bag becomes weightless. She looks at her feet in horror.

Pumpkin insides are everywhere. Rotten, gooey, dirty, orange mush on the floor. The paper bag is soaked through with the pumpkin’s juice. She picked up every piece of nastiness, carried it to the dumpster, washed her hands and went on with her day. And then she died.

Most of the above story is true, and happened to one Holli Gregg.

My Dorm Room, part deux

Most of you have seen the first version of my dorm tour. This is pretty much the same thing, except I cleaned up the room a little better and it’s decorated a little differently.

I’m blogging for DSU now. Basically it’s so that prospective students can read about what it’s like to be a student here, and it’ll be from a real student. Other colleges are doing this sort of thing. Kind of corny, and a little unorganized on DSU’s part, but that’s the way it goes. I should be getting paid to blog. Anyway, I’m putting this video tour up on that site, because I figured it would be beneficial to a student looking to come here. Enjoy, I guess.

My Dorm Room

Check out the video tour of my dorm room! I got inspired by Bryce‘s tours of the Philly apartment. Enjoy…!