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Nunsense: the mega musical program

My dad is the theater director for my old High School and they are putting on Nunsense: The Mega Musical this year. I created the nun/Charlie’s Angels graphic (as per his request) and put together a poster, shirt, and program for him. Seen above is the program. Nothing flashy, and the nun graphic is a little “unfinished” looking on purpose – given the comical nature of the musical.

In any case, I’m excited to see the performance and it wasn’t so long ago that I played a nun in Murder Can Be Habit Forming in the same theater. Little did I know then, I’d be on the inside of the jokes about Catholicism not many years later. This time, hopefully I won’t be as confused.


In the last two weeks, Miles and I have hosted 11 people.  Two weekends ago: Tony.  Last weekend: David, Chris, Tyler, Joel, Bryan, Deb, Luke, Marissa and Patty.   Yesterday/today: Dan.  Our apartment (and we) enjoy the company.

When Tony visited, we saw Heywood Banks, RockBand-ed, talked about LOST and traveled to Madison to see DSU’s play (I threw up 3 times on the way).  I also cooked every meal, except Saturday night where we ate at Ruby Tuesdays.  Then the vomit.  We had a good time.

When our nine friends visited, it was our LOST weekend.  And that was such a fantastic and magical weekend. Who knew that 11 people sitting in our apartment could watch TV non-stop for 11 hours before a break at 11pm?  That’s a lot of elevens.  And then powered through for 4 more hours of LOST watching?  That’s a lot of TV.  With not very comfortable seating.  What was even more awesome was that everyone there was hooked (if they weren’t already) by the end of Friday, which was only 4 episodes.  I cooked every meal that weekend too, except for Friday when we just ordered pizza.  We also had Dharma-issued snacks and drinks.  You wouldn’t understand, if you haven’t seen at least the first episode of Season 2.  The thing about LOST is, you can’t really start watching in Season 4…or really even skip an episode.  You wouldn’t be entirely LOST if you skipped an episode, but you might  miss an important link.  And that’s awesome.  We’re having another weekend in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been thinking of LOST ever since everyone left us.  Good thing a new one is on tonight!

Dan came to us yesterday on his way back from Kansas.  We ate at Valentino’s and will be eating at Panera Bread for lunch and at Skippers in Madison tonight, before Mass (Skippers had been planned for like 3 weeks).  I didn’t cook for Dan because we had planned out our meals this week and only bought groceries for those meals and they all involved meat.  Good thing I like Valentino’s, Panera Bread, and Skippers!

Anyway, we’ve had lots of guests but don’t mind more.  This weekend will be our “last” one alone in Sioux Falls, then we’re off to St. Paul!

Theater commercial

Our assignment in Graphic Effects: Create a 15 second animated “commercial” for DSU using Director; use cut-out pictures and place a white border around them.

Holly Smith and I joined our creative efforts together to create a commercial for DSU, featuring the Theater Department. We kind of made it look like a puppet show, where the people rock back-and-forth when they talk. It ended up being a little over 90 seconds and seemed to take forever, but we think it looks awesome and are very excited about the way it turned out. Enjoy!

Note: This is not the commercial Noah Sanderson and I are in that will air on KSFY soon. That commercial can be found here.

Feed Me!

Cast Party This past weekend was my old High School’s production of Little Shop of Horrors, directed by the one and only: my Dad. It was a great show and I heard many people say that it was the best musical/play that West Sioux had ever performed. And I agree. I’m so proud of my dad! And my sister did makeup and this musical required a lot of makeup changes and everything always looked great!

Also, I got to see lots of kids wearing the Little Shop of Horrors shirt I made. How exciting for me! As you can see, we had the cast party at our home. The cast/crew/pitband watched Saturday night’s performance on the big screen. And they often made fun of the recording. (I was in charge of taping). There were over 30 people sitting in our living room (not everyone who was there is in the above picture). Then when there were about 10 people or so left, they went downstairs to play pool. That’s the first time that pool table has been used in a couple of years.

The last person to leave didn’t leave until after 2:30. Don’t high schoolers have curfews anymore?

One Week

We’re one week away from the Freshman showcase opening night. I have been satisfied with the way The Great Diversion had been going. I changed a lot of things earlier this week, and it’s really improved. I think my actors, Molly Weeldreyer and Jamie Grimes, could tell the difference too. It still needed some tweaking yet, however, just some fine tuning. Nothing big, but just little ways where it could be better. I just didn’t think my actors were quite ready. Which was OK, because we still had over a week.

Today though, marked the beginning of the final stretch. I told them that today would be the last day I would help them with lines if they get stuck, because from here on out I was going to have people come and be our “audience”. Molly and Jamie really performed at their best. I didn’t have to feed a line once. The notes I took were all positive. More like, “I liked it when you did ___” or “Good job on remembering to ____”. I was really impressed. We went through it again, because I wanted to see if it was luck, or if the show really improved that much in one night. Again, they nailed it! I was so impressed. I even cheered! (Lame, I know.)

Anyway, the real test is to keep it up for the next week. I know we’ll probably have an “off” day sometime, but I hope it’s during these rehearsals, rather than next Wednesday and Thursday. For the performances I’ve been involved in, my last dress rehearsal was always terrible and the real shows were great. Let’s hope for a bad dress rehearsal on Tuesday!

Performance dates: Wednesday, Oct 11, 7:30PM, TC Underground and Thursday, Oct 12, 7:30PM, TC Underground All are welcome! (Admission is a non-perishable food item for the Food Pantry.) Also, I was kidding about the Zombies and brains in my last post about this.