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66 Books in the Bible

So Miles and I have been doing a kind of devotional time this summer. We looked for a couple things online, but finding nothing all that great, we decided to read the daily Mass readings and talk about what we read. Sometimes a big discussion gets started, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s still cool.

As we were talking on the phone last night, I was looking ahead and saw that on Saturday the First Reading comes from the book of Wisdom. THE BOOK OF WISDOM?! I have never heard of such a book. I said something to Miles and he matter-of-factly said, “The book of Wisdom, yeah.” WHAT?! “I have never heard of the book of Wisdom. What Bible do you use?” “The New American Bible.” Sounds regular…like New International Version or King James Version. After a bickering of sorts, he made me get out my Bible and tell him the order in it. I knew that it wasn’t in there…what did I need to prove? “Song of Songs, Isaiah”. “Song Book of Songs, Wisdom, Sirach, Isaiah”. WHAT?! This was getting a bit extreme.

After some research, The New American Bible actually is a Bible used by Catholics. Not just a different version of the Bible like what I use. We went through the indexes of our Bibles and found that there are 7 extra books. They’re all in the Old Testament. Tobit, Judith, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, and Baruch. I’ve always been taught that 1) there are 66 books in the Bible and 2) there are two books by women (Esther and Ruth). This teaching is probably due to the fact that I am not a Catholic.

[hair] Do the Dew!

EXTREME! I’d say the cookout was a success. Here is a list of weirdos attendees and how they contributed:

  • Kyra [roommate] – Split cost of cookout, split cleaning duties. Helped set-up/take-down. A frisbee. Owned a grill.
  • Miles [boyfriend] – Took lots of amazing pictures. My friends like attention. Therefore, they like Miles. Also helped with set-up/take-down and entertainment.
  • Tyler [roommate’s boyfriend] – Started the grill. Grilled the meat.
  • Emily [camp friend] – Entertainment and laughs. As expected.
  • Bryan [camp friend] – Good conversation. Great frisbee stunts. Macking on Emily. Just kidding!
  • Ben [camp friend] – A 24-hour-old mohawk. Useless Excessive Disney knowledge. Extreme extremeness. Angry face. A football.
  • Ariela [Daktronics friend] – Delicious strawberry dessert. Ability to chat with my friends as well as Kyra’s.
  • Father Paul [Priest, Tyler’s roommate] – Good conversation. A place to go to church the next morning.
  • Bob and Danielle [Kyra’s friends] – Bob helped us move in last month. I don’t know Danielle.

Kyra kind of waited too late to invite people, so not many of hers could make it. But it was a fun, intimate gathering. One of my favorite moments: Ben is chugging Mountain Dew as Miles takes the picture. He pulls the bottle away from his lips and angrily shouts, “Did you even TAKE a picture?” Yes…yes, he did.

That mohawk is intense.

Gotta go, gotta throw!

There’s a cookout this weekend at my apartment. Check out the invitation. Let me know if you think you’re coming so we can plan for you! Bring a board game or something.

At the reunion Rausch family reunion. It was this weekend. And I actually survived. I got crabby once, but nobody did anything. I think I was just tired.

Saturday morning, Miles, Bryce, Dan, Brenna, and I started the journey to Rapid City. We used Dan’s GPS thing, which was cool. Using that, it’s pretty much impossible to get lost. Unless you don’t know where you’re supposed to go. Then not even a GPS can help you!

We arrived and went to a special Mass for only Rausch’s. And me. They had everyone raise their hand as to how many would be taking communion. I think they did that so everyone knew I was not Catholic. But I was forgiven. We ate, and chatted. Then Miles left to discuss some things with people other than me. So I chatted with some of his cousins. David told sick jokes. And by sick, I mean wicked awesome. Basically, for the rest of the night I was half-asleep, so I won’t bother posting about it.

We woke up to start out on a hike at Spring Creek. Others went golfing on a practice round. It took us about 2.5 hours to finish the 3 mile hike. No one died, some got left behind, two fell down a cliff, and everyone saw a Killer Bear that almost tore us apart. The Killer Bear is a new species. After that, we chilled and ordered pizza. Then went to a picnic and hung out and met more people. I swang on the swingset and thought it would be a good idea to drink water at the same time. Not. Then we saw Rapid City’s fireworks. They were all right. I’ve never been a huge fan of them.

The next morning we went disc golfing while the sissies had their little golf tournament. I ended up tieing for 2nd in the women’s division for disc golf, so that’s exciting! It also inspired me to buy some discs of my own for Miles and I to go out and play with. Or really, anyone. I bought a 5-disc set and an extra putter so we each have one. I’m looking forward to it. Madison has 3 courses.

Then we got some food at the mall and went shopping for Miles because he wanted new shorts. Success, he got two new pair. We searched for sandals, but ran out of time to search too hard. Then there was the Rausch banquet, which was pretty fun. Then I got uber-tired and almost killed a man, I was so crabby. A few of us went to Superman Returns and I changed my life around from crime. Great movie. Then we basically fell asleep and woke up and left. Last night, Miles and I watched The Weatherman…not what I was expecting. Not really all that good.

Come play disc golf with us.

Welcome to my Crib(age) – get it?

Our humble abode Kyra and I are officially moved in and decorated! Our apartment is two stories. Main floor: kitchen, bathroom, sink area, my room, guest room. Second floor: living room, bathroom, sink are, Kyra’s room, door to balcony. It’s pretty sweet. Check it out!

Here are some things that I find enjoyable about our apartment:
(I like lists and they are easy to read)

  • We have a dishwasher. (Its name is Kyra. Haha, just kidding. We really do.)
  • The fact that there’s an upstairs.
  • Our own bathrooms.
  • Low rent.
  • Wireless internet and digital cable.
  • A guest room with pull-out loveseat and recliner.
  • Mailbox.
  • It costs $0.25 to dry your clothes.
  • Running water.
  • As many outlets as one could dream.
  • Closet space, galore.
  • Eye hole in the doors.
  • The balcony.
  • My roommate. Awwwh.
  • Indoor plumbing.
  • Locks.

My bathroomYep, ladies and gentlemen…I have it made. Except…

Here are some things that I find unenjoyable about our apartment:

  • Buying toilet paper.
  • Loud and intoxicated neighbors.
  • We don’t have forwarding addresses for the previous residents.
  • Sometimes you have to dry things twice, like jeans or towels.
  • I’m scared to look through the eyehole.
  • Mail doesn’t come until 2:00.
  • My landlord is super old and talks for too long.
  • My keys hit the door frame when I lock/unlock it.

So as it turns out…the good outweighs the horrific.

A Whole Lotta Stuff

T-shirt IdeaMiles and I submitted a T-shirt idea for Campus Progressive, a political conference thing for college-aged students. This is what we submitted. Who knows if it will win anything. The coolest thing of all is that David Cross (Tobias from Arrested Development) is one of the judges!

I’ve been doing work for Larry Noble, an Iowa Senate candidate that my brother works for. I don’t want to put anything online with that, for the sake of his campaign. I made a fundraiser invitation and am now making another graphic for the campaign.

I’m helping a friend make some graphics for a website he is creating for a South Dakota organization. So far, I’ve made a new logo for them that seems to be accepted well.

Haji2 Miles and the rest of his family are currently on their way to France. I’m taking care of Haji. They’ll be gone until June 23rd. I went to Big Stone with him Friday, and they left for the cities on Saturday. We’ll maybe get to talk next week on our 6 month anniversary. Otherwise, I’ll be getting letters/postcards and hopefully email will be a good source. It’s lonely here in Brookings, since I don’t know anyone…so now that I won’t be talking on the phone with him for the next two weeks, I’ve got to find ways to keep myself busy. Tonight’s not going so well. If you’re bored in the next few weeks, please feel free to call and chat. :)

But last night, after a quick conversation with camp friend Bryan I made the 2 hour trip to Sioux City to meet up with 7 friends. Bryan, Debra, Luke, Deb, Ben, Doug, and Liz. I brought Haji. We ate at Red Robin and then went to Luke and Deb’s place to play lots of video games. If you know me and video games, it usually results in me standing up, yelling a lot, and twisting and turning my body. This video game consisted of purposely crashing your car and seeing how much damage in $ you make. But I was racing. And it was a long race. I got a head ache. Then I went to sleep in Haji’s designated room. When we woke up, we ate at Panera where we saw a man with a kilt. Then I left, shopped in Sioux Falls, and returned to Brookings. But I’m glad I got blessed with a very non-lonely night. I return to camp at Okoboji on Thursday night to help out for the weekend. So that is something to look forward to. I think Haji’s pooped out.

Bonne nuit! Good night!