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Decorations Still Hanging

I’m only writing because it’s been a while. Not really because I have much to say. Unless you read this and see that it’s super long – then I guess I thought of something.

The holidays came and went fast. We spent the actual Christmas Eve/Day with the Rausch and Miles families. Christmas Day night, my family came up for our kinda-sorta-annual Christmas Day movie tradition. That weekend we spent Christmas with some of the Greggs and Leaders. Two of my high school friends got married that weekend at home, so that worked out convenient for us.

New Year’s Eve we spent in Hawarden again, playing board games with my family and my sister-in-law’s family. Played: Squares, Pop 5, Buzzword, Apples to Apples. It was fun to just hang out and focus on strategy and playing the games.

I’m almost done with what’s been published of the Twilight saga. My sister’s friend is letting me borrow her copies. While it’s not the most well-written piece of literature I’ve ever read, it is an enjoyable story and somewhat addicting. I feel like my HS-age sister and sister-in-law. I don’t go crazy when Twilight is mentioned, but I can see why they like them so much. I’m almost done with the last book and it’s much more maturely-written than the previous three. I even blush. I am considering seeing the movie, though I know it won’t be as good – might have to wait until the library gets it in for rental if I don’t go soon before it leaves the theaters.

In a couple weeks, Miles and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary. We’re going to spend the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend at my grandparent’s timeshare in Okoboji. It’s something we’ve been planning since November, but now I feel like we need a weekend away even more. My family used to stay at this timeshare quite often in my pre-college days. Miles has not been there before and I think he’ll like it.

We’re well into the new year and I still haven’t written a check or anything that will force me to change my 08 habits. I don’t anticipate it being too difficult. So many things happened in 2008 (good *and* bad, but it’s easier to remember the bad) that I’m ready to move on.


IMG_7802 crop IMG_7807

My hometown Youth for Christ organization asked me to create a graphic for their new building, called “Crosswalk”.  They wanted something that was more of the intersection crosswalk, than overtly Christian but also hoped a cross could be incorporated.  I came up with the graphic you see on the building.  One is facing the highway and the other is facing the parking lot.  A few volunteers painted it by hand this weekend, and did an excellent job if I do say so myself.


High Adventure CampPhew! I just barely made this post before a month had past since my last one. I don’t want to turn into a Debra or Jackie. I also avoided being pruned!

Well, as most of you know, I’m home from camp. There’s still another 5ish weeks left of camp…but alas, I will not be there. I got back on June 30th. That Monday, I started class and went back to work.

I’m taking Zoology this summer. We have 19 class periods that run from 8-12 every day. So one day is pretty much equivalent to one week in a normal semester. I hate science, but I really enjoy this because when we talk about boring or gross stuff (like protozoans or parasites), I only have to bear it for a day. We have our first test tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty confident about it.

Today we dissected our first organism. A roundworm. SICK. Its insides reminded me of ramen noodles. SICK!

It’s been eventful since the last time I posted.

  • Holly and Bob got married
  • Got kissed by Mandy
  • Adam tore his ACL and other things
  • Adam and Cari got married
  • Saw Ratatouille
  • Independence Day in Sioux Falls
  • Bryce and Lindsey got married
  • Chose wedding colors (“Tealness” and “Blue Pastel”)
  • Chose bridesmaid dresses
  • Created rough draft of invitation
  • Got cable, DVR, and internet at the house
  • Adam had surgery today
  • Miles is in Washington state for work

Yes, it’s quite busy on the Madison front. But at the same time, I’m often bored. Come visit!

Creature of Habit

Maybe I’m the only one who does this…but I’d like to think I’m not. It seems that every time I travel back home, I am back to my old habits. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that these habits have since disappeared while being away at camp in the summers and college. Here’s a few to further my point:

  • Eating a bowl of cereal before bed
  • Drinking multiple glasses of milk
  • Setting the sleep timer on my TV
  • Staying up until 2
  • Sleeping in
  • Drinking pop from cans
  • Keeping my car unlocked
  • Showering for way too long
  • Not doing homework on the weekend


Well, I’m home for Easter break and it’s below freezing with the wind. My parents are on vacation right now…in 87 degree weather. They were supposed to go a few weeks ago, but got blizzarded out.
I’m in the house alone, because Marissa went riding around and I am a scaredy-cat. The washing machine was unbalanced and making loud noises. It sounded like a monster.

On the bright side, here’s my dad playing Guitar Hero!

Dad & Guitar Hero

Tomorrow, I’m hosting a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law, Cari. It should be pretty fun, but has been a lot more work and money than I expected. The theme is Around the Clock, where each guest is given a time of day and are to buy a gift fitting for that time. Example: if you had 6:00PM, you’d probably give some sort of gift that has to do with cooking. Get it?!

Sunday, Marissa and I are going to church and then going to Sioux City with grandma and grandpa to meet up with other family for lunch. Then on Monday, I’m stopping in Sioux Falls on my way back to Madison and then my break is over…!