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Ahh, to be 21 again…

Photo of Megaphone and CampersHere’s a list of “firsts” that happened when I was 21.

  • Rented a House
  • Received 1st place in 2D for my photo in Beadlemania
  • Discovered I didn’t like alcohol, only the fruity stuff in mixed drinks
    • I found out I like juice
  • Became a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant
  • Worked at my favorite place of employment
  • Gained a sister-in-law
  • Later gained a brother-in-law, three sisters-in-law, and parents-in-law
  • Took a summer class – Zoology – and enjoyed it
  • Finished Harry Potter
  • Acted in a traveling children’s show
  • Posed for many more photos than I ever want to for the rest of my life
  • Visited Philly
  • Modeled and animated a 3D character
  • Wrote this letter to Andrew Wilson
  • Began creating monthly wallpapers
  • Was in the top two for a great job and didn’t get it, triggering the beginning of no graphic design openings in a 50 mile radius
  • Gave one of two student speeches at graduation
  • Graduated a semester early, summa cum laude
  • Fell in love with Albie
  • Started a “favorite songs” blog posting excursion and failed to complete it
  • Cheered on my fiance as he applied for and obtained employment with a company I’ve wanted to be a part of
  • Photo of Animal Crackers and Imaginary Friends Took a painting class and decided I mega-loathe it
  • Spent Christmas away from home
  • Got married
    • Died a little
      • I kid!
  • Acted dead
  • Began responding to a new last name
  • Vacationed to the happiest place on earth with the only man on earth that makes me happiest
  • Owned a TV bigger than 27″
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the company of an 18 month old
  • Gained a permanent roommate
  • Was unemployed for over 2 months
  • Detached from the blogs
  • Watched an entire Season (and then some) of LOST in less than 48 hours

Wow, I guess I had a lot going on in the past year…!


Here are a few (ha!) of my favorite photos from this summer.

BC 114

This camper was the only one in her camp to complete the “hang man’s walk” on the high ropes challenge course. She’s 30 feet in the air and got very worn out and a few rope burns…but what an accomplishment! I was glad to be there to cheer her on and capture the moment. Also, it’s not bad composition!

HA 109

I told Jaron and Sara to show me their “High Adventure faces”. High Adventure is the name of a camp where they spend a lot of time on the climbing tower and high ropes course. Much braver than I will ever be. In any case, I found it interesting that Jaron and Sara chose those to be their faces.

HA 066

Being the camera person, meant I would be behind the camera nearly 100% of the time. This is one of the few pictures that actually have me in it. It’s the only one of me that I took myself. It also includes part of Sara. Her glasses are very reflectivey. And she’s a cooperative model. Good job, Sara.

BC 031

A great camp, Boji Challenge 2007, (formerly Ultimate Boji Challenge -UBC-) meets nightly at tribal council. It’s a camp that has challenges built into each activity, like the reality show Survivor, and they vote someone up at every tribal council. It’s fun, because it takes some acting ability on the counselors’ parts. The campers get really into it too.

BOB 040

Mountain boarding is a wonderful and scary program event at camp. Something I have never tried and am pretty sure I’m alive today because I haven’t tried it. But it’s neat because they do it on the hill by the three crosses. Great photo opportunities.

all 013

Boji Ball is a wonderful game that is sweeping the nation. Campers, counselors, and volunteers very much enjoy this game. As you can tell from this photo. As posed (but this is very much candid) by Andrew. Please note his facial expression as he terminates the victim. This is not an uncommon sight to see on the Boji Ball court.
all 232

There’s extensive training not only on social, practical, and religious aspects of working at the camp, but also First Aid and CPR and for whoever chooses, lifeguard training. Campers love the time they spend at the waterfront; whether it’s swimming, painting toenails, tanning, or making jewelry.

kart 113

Go Karts are a relatively new program added to the camp. They’re very fun (and again, safe!) and always end up being a great time. This particular picture is of the Go Kart camp; they ride them every day. This day they got to drive the course backwards. It also made for some fun photos and new angles!

all 115

I like this picture a lot. Especially since I can tell you exactly whose feet belong to who. Of course, it’s break time at the waterfront. Mostly likely snack time. My favorite things at waterfront was doing can openers into the water, making anklets, and applying sunscreen. OK, well sunscreen wasn’t my favorite, but for sure the most frequent!
all 074

Capture the Cat was created from Capture the Flag. Why a cat? Well, they were supposed to be a stuffed animal in our camp store. But do you see them? They’re like roadkill. Who wants to buy roadkill with a shirt on it? No one. So instead, we attempt to capture them.

all 061

I don’t know whose feet these sandals belong to, but I enjoy that it’s a mystery. I enjoy the composition of this shot and the detail in the grains of sand. I feel like these sandals would be screaming “Why do I always have to be the one left on the sand. Why can’t I jump in the water for once?!” I’ll answer you, little flip-flop. It’s because you’d sink to the bottom. And you wouldn’t be the first to do that.
all-camp 020

I want to start off by saying that this was a terrifying experience. Campers and counselors running at full speed toward me. Some with their tongue sticking out. It was scary, but totally worth it. They’re playing Giants, Wizards, and Elves, which is kind of like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Red Rover combined.

all-camp 016

Ahh, the megaphone. Rarely needed, but often used. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using it. I never used it at waterfront because I wasn’t a lifeguard. I never used it leading games because I was either a counselor or taking photos. Interesting. And yet, I’m not sad about this!

Disc Golf

These girls thought it necessary to look at me and strike a pose nearly every time they saw me. While it was fun and enjoyable to have campers who WANTED their picture taken…I didn’t always have the camera. Yet, they still stopped and posed. It really didn’t matter. They just thought they had to do that whenever they saw me. Cute.


High Adventure CampPhew! I just barely made this post before a month had past since my last one. I don’t want to turn into a Debra or Jackie. I also avoided being pruned!

Well, as most of you know, I’m home from camp. There’s still another 5ish weeks left of camp…but alas, I will not be there. I got back on June 30th. That Monday, I started class and went back to work.

I’m taking Zoology this summer. We have 19 class periods that run from 8-12 every day. So one day is pretty much equivalent to one week in a normal semester. I hate science, but I really enjoy this because when we talk about boring or gross stuff (like protozoans or parasites), I only have to bear it for a day. We have our first test tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty confident about it.

Today we dissected our first organism. A roundworm. SICK. Its insides reminded me of ramen noodles. SICK!

It’s been eventful since the last time I posted.

  • Holly and Bob got married
  • Got kissed by Mandy
  • Adam tore his ACL and other things
  • Adam and Cari got married
  • Saw Ratatouille
  • Independence Day in Sioux Falls
  • Bryce and Lindsey got married
  • Chose wedding colors (“Tealness” and “Blue Pastel”)
  • Chose bridesmaid dresses
  • Created rough draft of invitation
  • Got cable, DVR, and internet at the house
  • Adam had surgery today
  • Miles is in Washington state for work

Yes, it’s quite busy on the Madison front. But at the same time, I’m often bored. Come visit!


Boji Ball It must be because the theme for the day today at camp talks about carrying each other’s burdens, but I’ve felt quite burdened today. Most of it being the anxiety of returning to Madison to take a science class, and work for very few hours. If I can cover rent, utilities, food, etc, it would be just barely. And optimistic. It looks like I might need a second job. That’s poopy mcpoopster. But a lot of people do that, I guess.

If you think of it, maybe pray that I don’t think of these things while I’m at camp…that, along with allergies, really drained me today.

On a totally awesome note, I heart my picture. I took it during a game of Boji Ball (which is literally sweeping the nation). Look at the complete terror and victorious expressions on their faces. PRICELESS! More pictures found here.

Camp, as in “crazy”

As some (but probably not many) of you know, I am back at camp. In the summers of 02 and 03, I volunteered for a few weeks off and on as a junior counselor. In the summers of 04 and 05, I was a staff member for the full 12 weeks. Last summer I was interning in Brookings, and this summer I’m back. I’m on support staff, and will be doing odds and ends and filling in where I’m needed, but my main specialty will be taking pictures and preparing an end of week presentation and picture CDs for the campers.

I’m not at camp for the full 12 weeks this summer, however. I have a summer class on campus, starting in July and will be leaving for that. I will return for part of a week later in July and then for the last staff night at the end of the summer. I arrived at camp on Sunday evening and here is a list of things I’ve done so far:

  • Slept in Guest, alone, for three whole nights (not a pleasant experience) Guest is where staff members sleep on weekends and when they are not counseling. It has 7 bedrooms, 4 girls and 3 guys.
  • Helped unload a truck full of 10,000 lbs of food and other miscellaneous items
  • Spilled green latex paint on the carpet of a cabin. I didn’t really spill it, there was a hole in the can.
  • Ate at Perkins three times; ordered the same thing
  • Was denied part of a donation to Goodwill
  • Picked up an order of baby lungs
  • Ate Flintstones gummy vitamins like they were candy
  • Vomited (unrelated to above item)
  • Watched Grey’s Anatomy because the person who owns the TV overruled my request to watch Scrubs
  • Squealed when Jim asked Pam out for dinner
  • Followed a path of spilled milk throughout an entire community
  • Almost ran out of gas. And when we got to the gas station, the attendants made us wait to fill up because they were changing the prices! Up ten cents!
  • Went without checking my email for nearly 8 hours, gasp!
  • Talked about Spiderman 3 with a 2nd grader
  • Cleaned a grill
  • “Ran” the camp…I was all alone…
  • Spent hours in a basement organizing items
  • Threw items in the dumpster in slow motion while singing Chariots of Fire
  • Successfully spent hours with a teenage girl, receiving no eye rolls. That I know of.
  • Filled up a vehicle and the total bill was $98, and it wasn’t completely empty
  • Have seen more bananas than a person should in a lifetime
  • Received nearly identical cuts on my forearms
  • Drove a 15-passenger van, in the wind, to Sioux Falls

Welcome to my exciting summer. and campers don’t show up until June!