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Donate to Second Chance Rescue and get a free pet photo session and 5×7 print!

Details are on Scott Meyer Photography’s blog.

Hall Art

Hall Art

A few months ago, the team of designers at work were asked to come up with concepts for customized artwork for our office. The department had moved to their new place about a year ago, but they needed 1) Something to define the space as theirs 2) Something that can be displayed as a “We can do this for you, too.” Two of our concepts were quite similar (a painting of Sioux Falls landscapes, his of Falls Park, mine of downtown) and we moved forward with them. What differed between the two of ours were that his was a large rectangled artwork and mine was a multi-paneled display. Both unique in their own ways.

Mine was huge, and for space issues, we needed to downsize it several times. I had major issues with the large-format printer we use, and it took several weeks to get a good printed version of each panel. And the paper we used was fickle, so I had to wear gloves to handle the paper and occasionally the gloves ruined the print. By the time my five panels were ready to be taken to the guy would give it a canvas laminate and mount it nicely, my coworker’s art had been hanging for a week. In any case, eventually my project was ready to hang (apparently the production guy we used was cursing the paper as well, so I feel better about that) and we thought it turned out so well, the place of display was moved to be right outside the elevator and stairwell so it’s the first thing you see when you come to our department. It just so happened that the measurements were exact to the wall. Where we were going to hang it wouldn’t have worked out too well, as it was in a hallway and you kind of need to be a few feet away from this piece to really take it in. In any case, it turned out nice and is something I can be proud of. The work the production guy did was fantastic and really made this look nice. It’s fun to hear the comments from people of other departments who come to ours for the first time since its hanging.

Folded Mayhem

I’ve been doing some freelance designing the last few weeks for Folded Mayhem and their website was relaunched this week. They are a company in the Sioux Falls area that is creating and selling eco-friendly apparel. They also donate a percentage of their profit to a different organization each month! Check them out and support me (and the Earth!) by ordering one of my shirts! My original designs are marked as such – though I’ve created some Folded Mayhem originals as well. Above are just a few of them. Not all of the shirts are posted on Folded Mayhem yet, and they will continue to add more every week, so keep checking back!

Featured Eye Candy

Graphic Content, a local blog that features artists in the area, shared some of my work today.  I had been contacted by Kiel, the main contributor to the site, and was asked if he could use some of my work for future content. (He found my site because I had linked to them in my Design blog roll.)  I gave him permission and, thus, it has now occurred.  There may be more of my work featured in the future, if it’s found worthy enough and their in need of content. Go check it out and browse through previously featured artists and their work!

It’s a blog that is showcasing local artists and their varying art – and I think it’s great! Got some stuff you want to share? Submit it to them!

Three Vector Portraits

Vector Portraits

I was asked to create these three vector portraits yesterday. I spent 4.5 hrs yesterday and 7.5 hrs today working on them. While they aren’t exactly spitting images of the persons, they are pretty darn close and take on some of their characteristics. I’m pretty proud of them.

I’m having issues with using black in Illustrator. For some reason, the default black swatch isn’t true black and so after I’m all done with an image, I realize that the “black” I used is actually slightly grey or purple. I’ve had this issue on two separate computers, so I know it’s not how I have the swatches set up. But it might be something with the color mode – anyone out there know what the issue might be? I only notice it once I save as a .jpg, never while I’m creating.