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I Work for NASA

Mike Fossum and I Well, some of you may remember my previous post about working for the SD Space Grant Consortium and creating their logo and my involvement in the design of the website. Because of my involvement in that project, DSU sent me and friend Gil Blanchette to Space Days in Pierre; I took lots of pictures for you all.

I met “Astronaut”. He was born in South Dakota and was a part of the space trip to repair the Space Station in July. His real name is Mike Fossum. Except for the presentations he’s been making in the state recently, he technically hasn’t been back to South Dakota since he was like four. But I bet he saw it from OUTER SPACE!

We listened to his presentation, which was very interesting. There was a shot of him at 0 gravity, going down a ladder upside down. He then commented, “And I went down the ladder upside down. BECAUSE I CAN!” And that made me think of Miles…because he would do that for the same reason. He told Gil and I that if the picture he autographed is in the picture with us, then it’s worth more to sell on eBay. I don’t think I’d get squat for this picture, but I don’t care. The first night was still cool.

Gil and I set up a booth, like many other people. However, our booth’s goal was to recruit HS students for DSU. Unfortunately, most of the students there were K-8…very few HS students at all. Most of the time was spent having grade school kids standing at our booth asking, “What do we do here?” or “Can I keep this?”. At one point, I felt so bad that we weren’t prepared for them that I pulled out a deck of cards and performed a really lame magic trick for a class that kept staring at us. They thought it was cool, were satisfied that there was something there for them, and they moved along to the next booth. So the 2nd day was pretty disappointing.

Logo SightingHowever, the logo I created for the Consortium…it was everywhere. Schedules, information sheets, and shirts. There were about 50 volunteers and they all were wearing blue shirts with MY LOGO on them! What a proud moment for me. I had a couple people come up to me and ask, “Is it true that you’re the gal who made this logo?” I’d say yup and they’d tell me how nice it looked. Aside from tshirt designs I’ve made, this is technically the first major project I’ve completed and seen in action. (This includes my work with Daktronics.) It was very rewarding. (More logo sightings can be found here.) And all…because of DSU.

Dakota State is #1.

My Animated Logo

For my Graphic Effects class, we were to come up with a logo that represents ourselves and then animate it in some way using the program Director on a Mac computer. First of all, I hate making things that “represent me”. I don’t know why, but I find it very frustrating and difficult to come up with something. I am great at creating things that represent OTHER people. Just not myself. Anyway, I drew a lot of different ideas for my logo. Animation sketches I got inspired by many other existing logos. Powerade, MTV, and Mello Yello–to name a few. I started making one that had my initials morphed together with a stone texture on top of it. Basically, it looked like a 3D stone carving of my initials. I made the entire animation. It had the “HG” stone fall from the top of the screen onto the word “PRODUCTIONS” and flatten it a little as it absorbs the impact. The final frame would say “HG PRODUCTIONS”. I finished the animation. But I wasn’t happy with it. I mean, what does a rock carved in my initials say about me? Nothing. I’m not a Rausch Brother. Also, it took about 30 minutes to create…so it was too simple for me. So I started over.

Frustrated, I looked around the classroom; I then spotted a colorwheel. I was overcome with inspiration. Check out my finished project in this small version, the quality is much better. If you can’t see it, then check it out here. It’s about 3 seconds long, so if it seems to go super fast, play it again and it will go normal speed.

Our next assignment: create a short sports animation for DSU’s basketball Daktronics video board. Anyone have any ideas?

[hair] Do the Dew!

EXTREME! I’d say the cookout was a success. Here is a list of weirdos attendees and how they contributed:

  • Kyra [roommate] – Split cost of cookout, split cleaning duties. Helped set-up/take-down. A frisbee. Owned a grill.
  • Miles [boyfriend] – Took lots of amazing pictures. My friends like attention. Therefore, they like Miles. Also helped with set-up/take-down and entertainment.
  • Tyler [roommate’s boyfriend] – Started the grill. Grilled the meat.
  • Emily [camp friend] – Entertainment and laughs. As expected.
  • Bryan [camp friend] – Good conversation. Great frisbee stunts. Macking on Emily. Just kidding!
  • Ben [camp friend] – A 24-hour-old mohawk. Useless Excessive Disney knowledge. Extreme extremeness. Angry face. A football.
  • Ariela [Daktronics friend] – Delicious strawberry dessert. Ability to chat with my friends as well as Kyra’s.
  • Father Paul [Priest, Tyler’s roommate] – Good conversation. A place to go to church the next morning.
  • Bob and Danielle [Kyra’s friends] – Bob helped us move in last month. I don’t know Danielle.

Kyra kind of waited too late to invite people, so not many of hers could make it. But it was a fun, intimate gathering. One of my favorite moments: Ben is chugging Mountain Dew as Miles takes the picture. He pulls the bottle away from his lips and angrily shouts, “Did you even TAKE a picture?” Yes…yes, he did.

That mohawk is intense.

Happy 1/2 Year!

Play-doh rules the world!

Happy 6-month anniversary, Miles. :) Thanks for calling.

I made this with Play-doh at work.

DSM Adventures

One day at work, I got bored. I noticed in my drawer that I didn’t have any rubberbands. I asked a coworker, Kristin, if she had any. She gave me a box that was half full. I decided to shoot them at coworkers. In fact, I spent nearly 30 minutes shooting them. They enjoyed it, especially since they got more rubberbands.

The next day I had a hunch…call it intuition, call it what you want, but I thought I better bring my fake poop feces to work with me the next day. I showed up at my desk, and it was absolutely covered with rubberbands. I would have taken a picture, but my camera’s dead. So, I “pooped” “feced” on Val’s chair (she’s one of the culprits). My poop feces traveled from desk to desk, surprising all, and bringing joy to everyone’s faces.

Today, I went in to work a few hours. Since it’s a holiday, I had to use my electronic key for the first time ever. I was the only one on 2nd floor. I decided to head downstairs to the lunchroom and buy a Powerade. I walked through lots of doors that are normally open during the day. As I made my way back, I ran into a door that doesn’t open. In fact, it’s locked. And my key is upstairs on my desk. Along with my cell phone, car keys, and hotel key. After lots of helpless thinking, knocking, searching, and tears, I decided I have to start walking to the hotel. As I leave the parking lot, a white van pulls in. I followed it and asked the driver if he had a key to the building. He had a key to ONE of them, and we didn’t know if it would work to mine. Turns out it did, and I returned to my desk. End of story.