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Walking Zombies

We slept in because Wednesday was so tiring on our bodies. It was decided to be a good idea to spend a little time in the hot tub. However, when they got there, the water was bright yellow. So we decided it wasn’t a good idea.

Doug loves hula girls!We took off for disc golf near noon. We went to Turkey Lake Park for nine holes. It was a good time. We got distracted by a turtle, an orange tree, a lemon tree, a mango tree, and white sand aka Florida snow
We went to some gift shops downtown and enjoyed spending money on ourselves and others. I bought a post card for Miles, but realized I needed to call him for his address. So it wasn’t going to be as cool and surprising as I first though. After two hours of shopping, we decided to spend a lot of time getting ready for Pirate Dinner.

We returned to our house and each had a bowl of ice cream outside by our pool. The boys decided to be boys and jump the brick wall to see what’s on the other side. A golf course and some backyards were over there. There also was a giant snow globe. Bryan claimed that at Disney World when it snowed fake snow of bubbles, it was like we were in a snow globe. He explained that since we were on Earth, also called a globe, it makes sense. Heather pointed out that wherever it snows then, must be considered a snow globe. Bryan decided his thoughts are way above ours and we couldn’t possibly understand.

The pirate dinner was insane on many different levels. Bryan, Doug, and Aaron were a part of the show along with 15 other boys. That was pretty cool. But the craziest thing of all was what happened after the dinner/show. There was a disco dance pirate party in the main lobby. We entered, and there were flashing lights, a screen with psychedelic patterns, and a pirate DJ. We decided to not partake in the festivities. We came home and took a family portrait because we looked nice and decided to go to bed rather early for Friday’s big day.

We woke up early and went to Epcot. The five of them waited in line at Test Track (car testing ride) while I took their tickets and got fast passes to Soarin’. We rode Test Track, and went to Mission: Space. At Mission Space. This ride was the most impressive ride at Disney World. We were in capsules by fours and assigned jobs such as navigator, pilot, commander, and engineer. We were launched in to space (the contraption was spinning super fast and made the skin on my face push back) and it really felt how I would imagine it to feel like in space. We took a bus to Animal Kingdom and waited 2 hours to ride a Safari thing, which wasn’t too great. By that time, we needed to head back to Epcot to ride Soarin’. This ride was pretty neat as well. It rose you up like a hang glider while your feet dangle and you’re in front of a movie screen so big that it is all you can see. You fly over different scenes like the ocean and forests and mountains. A cool and sweet smelling breeze rushed across our faces. The only thing to make it better would have been a mist when we got close to the ocean. It was good.

We took a bus to MGM studios and prepared to get fast passes for the Tower of Terror. Five of us got our passes, but when Aaron stepped up to get his, the machine broke. The attendant gave him six free passes (!) to the Tower of Terror for anytime. We got in line for the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and two hours later were riding the best roller coaster we’d been on. We used our fast passes at the Tower of Terror and enjoyed the ride there as well. We then realized we had 5 fast passes for 6 people (from when Aaron didn’t get his pass along with ours). Someone suggested giving them away to a group at the end of the line outside. We found a party of three and a party of two who looked like they could use a free pass and gave ours to them. It was a good feeling.

We didn’t make it to the Driving Stunt Show, or Indiana Jones. But we went to the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire show and that was exactly like the TV show, only the winner gets a cruise, not a million dollars. It was neat. I wasn’t smart enough to make it in the hot seat though. We went on Star Tours, a Star Wars simulation. It was exactly like the Body Wars ride we all hated and got sick from. Just a different video playing in front of us. Mistake. We headed to Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks, but missed the monorail to make it over there. We watched them from further back and it was still pretty sweet. By this time though, my body had turned on autopilot and I was not functioning correctly. We thought it best to head back early and get some sleep for our big day at the Gulf.

A quotes page was added to the right, Fun Quotes From Florida. It’s being added to daily, so keep checking them out.

Saturday: Swim with the manatees, New Years Eve Sunday: Universal Studios Monday: pack up and head home

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The Happiest Place on Earth…

We arrived safe and sound in Orlando on Tuesday afternoon. Our house is amazing! We made sure to buy groceries to last us through the week, and made a game plan for Wednesday. We also watched the pilot episode of The Office on my computer.

Heather, Aaron, Doug, Jackie, Bryan We woke up early and had pancakes and eggs to tide us over for a few hours on probably the craziest day of our lives. Mission: Conquer Magic Kingdom and maybe hit up Epcot. We arrived at Magic Kingdom near 9:45 am and went directly to Space Mountain. We picked up a fast pass and proceeded to another line. Fast passes allow you to put your ticket in a machine, spits your ticket out, along with another piece of paper. This paper gives you a time frame of which you can return to the ride and pretty much walk right on, where if you waited in the Standby Line, could take a couple hours. It’s a neat idea. We waited in line for the Buzz Light Year ride, which was great. We then watched Mickey’s ’Twas the Night Before Christmas and booked our way to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We rode that and made Bryan get us fast passes to Stitch’s Great Escape, because he’s the fastest of us all. We ate packed lunches and went to ride Space Mountain.

Other than at Arnold’s Park, which doesn’t count, I haven’t been on a roller coaster for as long as I can remember. Space Mountain was the end of that! We made our way to Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain and decided we’d rather wait in line for Splash Mountain. So we did. We got only a little wet, but it was a good time because the two kids behind us in the log were great company! We went back to Stitch’s Great Escape and were waiting for 7 minutes to come and go so we could use our Fast Passes there when a Disney World staff member, Mike, came up to me. He said, “People would love to stand behind you in a line because there are so many things to read on your shirt!” (I was wearing my Drama Club shirt that has a lot of weird laws or something on the back.) I agreed and Mike said, “People should be paying you for that.” I said, “You’re right, they should!” Mike then pulls out his billfold and gives me 10 fast passes for any ride in Magic Kingdom that can be used anytime that day! It was a blessing because we thought we wouldn’t be able to go on Thunder Mountain at all. We did Stitch’s Great Escape, which wasn’t great at all but at least we didn’t wait in line to find that out. Then we booked it to Thunder Mountain to use our Mike passes. We waited less than 5 minutes and were on the ride. The standby line wait was close to 100 minutes! Mike is the best ever. We grabbed fast passes for Peter Pan’s Flight and made our way to Epcot Center, another Disney World Park.

The excited faces of Heather and Jackie and Bryan We got fast passes for the 3D show Honey, I Shrunk the Audience and quickly found that we wouldn’t have time to wait in lines for any ride. We did find Body Wars, however and walked right on to that ride. Someone commented on my shirt there as well. We all got sick after being on that and decided to get some fresh air and walk around “Holidays Around the World” which has different countries surrounding this lake. We did that for close to an hour and returned to watch our 3D extravaganza. We returned to Magic Kingdom and checked to see if Space Mountain had a short line…140 minutes. We decided that It’s a Small World’s 20 minute wait seemed pretty appealing, especially when you can sit down for it. Turns out it was more like an 8 minute wait, but it was glorious. The ride has been redone since I last was in Disney World. Same idea and everything, but repainted and new or restored dolls. I was slightly impressed. We went to Peter Pan’s flight and made our way home. We got back at the house near 12:15 and cooked ourselves tuna noodle casserole. I was the first to go to bed, near 1:30. We decided sleeping in this morning was a must. We will begin our day at about 11:45 and will hit some gift shops, disc golf, and mini golf. Tonight will end the day with our Pirates dinner theater.

I’ve called a few people while up here, Grandparents, Parents, and of course Miles. I told him about the Drama Club shirt craziness, since he’s the president, but I think he was too drugged on NyQuil to appreciate the greatness of it all. The boys have been thinking of different ways to catch an alligator and retrieve its head for David. So far, we haven’t seen any real ones. But I know our time will come.

Friday: Disney world (MGM, Animal Kingdom) Saturday: Swim with manitees in the Gulf of Mexico, New Year’s Eve Sunday: Universal Studios Monday: Pack up for home and fly away

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Sue Conover’s favorite dance: The iPod Shuffle

Marissa, Adam, and me after church. Adam would normally put his arms around us, but he just had surgery and is in some pain. Mom and Dad looking lovely.

I am officially the only person in my family who does not own an mp3 player. My dad was the first person I knew to own any type of iPod, the mini. Adam received a regular player for Christmas last year before he went to London for the semester. Mom got an iPod shuffle for her birthday in September. Now Marissa received one for Christmas tonight. I told Marissa she needs to get a skin for it like Miles’ (he was the second person I ever knew to own an iPod product). She agreed she needs one. It will probably be girly.

Don’t feel bad for me though, I’ve never desired to own an mp3 player. I am completely content with my CDs and haven’t been into downloading songs. The funny thing tonight was watching Grandma and Grandpa listen to the iPod mini and iPod shuffle. They would hold the earpieces up to their ears and you’d see them ever so slightly bounce a little to the music. Adam wondered what the music scene will be like when we get to be our parents’ age. We decided that it will be kind of like The Matrix with a chip implanted in the brain. I joked that then you’d no doubtedly get songs stuck in your head. That would maybe suck.

Orlando is only a few days away and I’m pretty much ready for it. Things I will for sure need to buy while there include: one sixth of our gas, souvenirs for special people (family, Grandparents, Miles, Cari, Cici), food that we’re cooking, swimming with manitees. I also need to get my hands on an alligator and bring its head back for David. That will be the easy one. Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll be able to post while in Florida, so this may be my last post for almost 10 days. If that’s not the case, then I’ll try to post within the first couple days of being there. I leave for MN on Monday morning, fly out on Tuesday, and return the following Monday. Good times ahead. In any case, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Orlando Countdown: 3 days Money to spend: $150 + whatever I get paid at the end of the month Fun probability for the week: umm..really high!

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What the heck is an M-O?

Miles and I are now officially dating. He asked me yesterday when we met up in Sioux Falls at Falls Park. I know there was some confusion as to what we technically were…well, it’s all clear now! :) And it is very good. You can read about our day in his most recent post.

Instead of repeating the details of our day yesterday, I’ll enlighten you on my dental visit this morning. I never had a cavity, mind you, until October 2004. That was my one and only. I’ve been self-conscious of my dental situation ever since that fateful day. I also never minded the dentist until then. It has now been roughly 6 months since my last visit, and I guess that means it’s time for a check-up. I go in, and first of all they have to take a picture of me for their “computer records”. Whatever. They call me in and the Dental Hygenist (here on out referred to as DH) starts the process of cleaning my teeth so that they are respectable for the dentist. Whatever.

I’ve got this permanent retainer on my lower teeth, and a small one on my upper teeth…so they like to play around with the lower bar. It almost makes them giddy. I, on the otherhand, cringe at the sound of the metal-on-metal/metal-on-enamel that occurs inside my mouth. It makes my eyes want to water and my ears to burst at the memory. DH proceeds to ask me all these questions about my life. Of course, I either answer by saying something inaudible, or wait until she’s done with what she’s doing. Turns out, she’s one of those DH’s who are interested in your answer, so she takes her fists out of my mouth after she asks me anything. How nice. Whatever. Somehow, she knew my summer job for the past two years, as well as what year I was in college and what I was going for. Some of my own relatives don’t know these things! And she’s never been the DH for me in check-ups of the past. I was impressed, to a point.

Anyway, my teeth are respectable enough for the Dentist to see me. His name is Dr. Boeyink (pronounced BOINK!). That makes me like him. Then, to my horror, he looks at my X-ray and says to DH, “Thirty needs an M-O.” What’s an M-O?! It was never said. I guess it’s one of those things that can never be uttered out loud in the Dentist office. Like Macbeth should never be said on a stage, unless that particular performance is in fact, Macbeth. Whatever. DH says, “She had one on 29 in 2004 too.” As if I’m not already self-conscious about being in there. BOINK! looks at my teeth and says to DH, “Let’s get another X-ray of wing thirty bite, I want to see another.” Who are these people, Dental Wind Talkers? It’s getting a bit ridiculous. She takes another X-ray of my ‘wing thirty bite’ and it turns out the original X-ray just had a flaw in the development process. Whatever. I bid my adieu and got my hiney out of there. What the heck is an M-O?

OK, bye bye!

Sweet, sweet dreams

I used to have a big problem when it came time to sleep. I would hit a point in the night, where if I didn’t go to sleep within 45 minutes, I would be up for hours. One horrible night while working at camp my first summer is a memory that will haunt me forever.

I was counseling Junior High kids for the “Music on Tour” camp. It is a favorite among campers, allowing them to learn songs, dances, and skits and travel to area churches and parks to perform. It was one of my proudest moments being a counselor. That’s besides the point. We had traveled to LeMars, Iowa (2.5 hr trip from Okoboji) and were returning late, at about 11pm. We were about 30 minutes away from the camp, when I hit that point in the night. I did the calculations in my head and quickly realized that there was no way I would be in bed within 45 minutes. After unloading the vehicles, and getting everyone calmed down for showers and bed time, a good 2 hours had gone by. I ended up staying awake until about 4am; not a good thing when you are to meet parents the next day and have a whole new week of camp coming up in 48 hours. It was a frustrating couple of weeks.

Then college comes around and I train myself to function at minimal capacity just to make it through the day because I only can get 4 or 5 hours of rest each night. In the spring, I went to Okoboji to help out over a weekend for a retreat. Bryan Johnson also was an attendee for the weekend and he forgot lots of things, so we went to Wal-Mart. One of the things he bought was a sleeping mask. I told him that if it worked wonders, to let me know. Well, apparently it worked wonders. I ended up buying one in May when I returned there for camp training. Sleeping masks rule.

Let me tell you that the sleeping mask I own is a life saver. Need a nap in the middle of the day? No big deal, just wear the mask and it’s like night! Want to leave your TV on without being distracted and opening your eyes to watch the show? No big deal, just wear the mask and your G2G (good to go)! I haven’t had a problem sleeping in a long time, other than when dealing with things that make me think and keep me up. I occasionally have problems with my back, but that is no matter most nights. Sleeping masks rule.

Bryan and I even had a couple scheduled naps on Saturdays this summer. Two couches + the movie Matchstick Men = perfect conditions for snoozing. We even went out to eat with camp friends while wearing the masks on our heads. No one mentioned it. Sleeping masks rule.

I intend to buy a few more in the future. Just so that I can have a choice to make when it comes to sleeping well. Maybe a velvet one, or a gel-filled one, or even one that smells like jasmine. The possibilities are endless.

OK, bye bye!