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December 3, 2005 5:45 PM

Verse of the Day: John 1:12

I can see Disney World already!

On Monday, Jesse and I celebrated our ‘one month’. By celebrating, I mean we saw snow fall down so hard and fast that school was cancelled at noon because of the weather. (The first time in four years, apparently.) And so not much celebrating was done. I got stuck in the snow that night, and hurt my back while trying to open my doors because they were frozen shut.

Tuesday was busy, as it always is. Biology lab was canceled because of the weather. Intervarsity that night was pretty interesting, as there was a reference to Kramer from Seinfeld. Wednesday was a usual Wednesday. I was informed that our photography assignment is due next Friday…as well as 10 portfolio prints. That means at least 20 prints need to be made (all of which take 1 1/2 hrs to print) in order for the minimum to be done. Stress level went way, way up. I seem to now be doing better, as I am almost finished with it. That afternoon we had our weekly RA meeting and there are lots of things to be done by the end of the semester in that area as well. Then at night we had a Senate meeting for the first time in 3 weeks…and it lasted 15 minutes. It was nice, but I’d think we’d have more to talk about since it’s been so long. I also experienced snow fall down my shirt in a snow ball fight with Jesse. At 9:30 Jeff Swett convinced me to go bowling with them again. I told them I didn’t have any money so I’d just do homework or something. As it turns out, I got donations to bowl. I didn’t even ask, they just gave. I received two dollars from Jeff Millar and Swett. And one dollar from Adam Harmon and Nikki Duffy. And then random quarters from people as each game progressed. People sometimes truly surprise me. Millar got his second turkey…and you all know what that means for me.

I was on duty Thursday, as usual. From 8-11 I worked on photography, to be seen only by one person, Mr. Ryan Glanzer (check out his page in my links)…who reminisced for 60 seconds about his days in the dark room, before returning to work on his wood sculpture. I had class from 11-12, ate with Kristen Grimm, and worked on photography again from 1-5. Attended band for the first time in a few rehearsals, and relived the glory days (last year) with Marc Bergren for a good 30 minutes. Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve really talked with him. That night, Jesse cooked me a delicious supper (chicken cordon bleu, corn, rice, fruit, and milk) at his apartment. He said it was to make up for Monday night. I think he did it because he likes me. One of his roommates greeted me in a towel, which I didn’t find odd at all. We watched an episode of Friends and then I had to return to being on duty.

Yesterday, I worked some more on photography, attended classes, and babysat for Cici for a few hours. I went to head over to Jesse’s after supper and noticed I was in a snow drift. I had to push myself out and dig the snow away from my tires. Plenty of people walked by, and no one thought to set down their food and help me out. People sometimes truly disappoint me. But never surprise me. Anyway, I got out and got to the apartment. They had friends visiting this weekend, and they seemed to be having a good time.

Today I finished up a project I’d been working on with Swett for marketing and it turned out well! I finished writing my presentation for my web design project. I may or may not post it on here in the future. I’ll probably clean my room soon and then visit Jesse.

No KJAM hours this week for some reason.

Turns out Bryan’s little brother Aaron Johnson is joining us for the Florida trip this winter, bringing the guests: Heather, Jackie, Bryan, Aaron, Doug, and myself. Good times ahead

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