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Merry Monday!

First of all, thanks to Miles and all his hard work on creating this space for me. You rock, as always. Also, check out my schedule for the week…if you’re interested >>>>>

Busy Monday for me today…
I had Biology at 8…it was difficult since I was up until 3am last night doing pretty much what amounts to nothing. I would close my eyes only because I didn’t have enough ‘umph’ in me to keep them open. I still heard everything Dr. Bakker said though. I hope she doesn’t hate me now. I went back to my room to sleep for 50 minutes and then headed to Photography. Turns out I’ve only printed 9 photographs for my portfolio and 2 for my manipulation assignment. I guess I’ve gotta work on printing those hopefully tomorrow.

I left there early and eventually wound up eating lunch with Jeff Swett. And yelling at Gil Blanchette who normally eats with us, but decided he was too cool or something today. Ouch. I bought some chapstick at the bookstore because my lips were starting to fall apart. Not much went on in Desktop Publishing, except working on my final project. That consists of two newspaper ads, as well as a two-page spread of the Trojan Times.

I presented at 2 in Web Publishing my final project, an informative web page on Evolution vs. Intelligent Design. I was really nervous all weekend long because I wasn’t sure on how to present it and if I was preparing correctly. I am the only one to present so far. I guess I did pretty well. I spent the entire semester thinking he hated me…and today it seemed like I was his best friend. I felt like a super star, kind of. He said if you give a presentation similar to mine, you’d end up just fine. So that was a big sigh.

I went to talk to my advisor, Brad Hesser at 3. He advised me to take ArtH 212 via internet next semester as well as Drama Act (one credit for being involved with theater). That will put me at 22 credits next semester. But I’d be in theater anyway, might as well get the credit. And the Art History class will only add about one more hour of work a week since it is online. So that’s good. We also spent 30 minutes figuring out when I will graduate. I could graduate May 2007, but as it turns out, there is one class that I have to take the fall after Spring 07…so I guess it will be ‘lighter’ loads my last 3 semesters and I’ll graduate Dec. 2007. Not too shabby, since I thought I’d be here for 5 years…now it’s 3 1/2 years. Kind of exhilirating. My future roommates were excited about the fact that I’d be here a semester longer!

Went to the chiropractor at 3:45…apparently my back and neck are way out of line. And they still hurt.

Then I had a super short meeting with a resident at 5:00. At 6:00 was the Drama Club meeting. I posted on the Facebook drama club group about my disapp0intment in members not attending things. Miles, Holly, Megan and other members are working hard at organizing things and it’s embarassing and extremely disappointing if no one even gives it a try and helps out or attends. Angry face.

At 7:30 was our Student Ambassador Christmas party. We celebrated at Fat Daddy’s bar downtown. As my ‘white elephant’ gift, I crocheted a blue and grey scarf today (if you can believe I found the time!) Old RA, Sara Nelson was the lucky one to get it! I got Tuna Helper and a can of Tuna. Needless to say, no one tried to steal mine. :) Below is a picture of Travis Krueger who received a tree as his gift and he was ECSTATIC!

Travis enjoys his gift

I went to say hi to Jesse on my way back to campus and found him sleeping. I poked his shoulder, he woke up groggily and then waved his arms around completely freaked out. It was the funniest thing. I probably won’t ever wake him up again!

I had a lovely note from residents Amanda and Melissa when I returned, so I gave them candy for their nice gesture! Anyway, as I’m online chatting and blogging, I realized I have less than a week to finish 4 rather large projects. It’s OK. I’m super woman.

Orlando Countdown: 22 days Money left to earn: $43.oo Probability: Down right possible! Current checkbook balance: $8.41

OK bye bye!