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I ache everywhere…

I messed up. I “ctrl+c” the post I just wrote, and then went to upload the picture and copied the code…and realized I then didn’t have the post copied. So I’ll try my best.

This morning I had my Biology lab at 8am. We took a quiz and finished our assignment in 40 minutes. I printed in the darkroom a couple photos. Then I went to Photoshop…I had to scan an advertisement in for my final in that class, so I went to the library. I returned a 1/2 hr later and everyone except 2 of my lunch dates for the day had left the class already. We went to lunch and the table included: Kristen Grimm, Chase Anderton, Gil Blanchette, Jeff Swett, and myself. Good times, as most of my lunch dates tend to be. My Grandpa sent me a Christmas card today with a nice check inside. Orlando, here I come!

I babysat Cici from 1:00 until 4:00 today. She was super sleepy but has been anti-crib for the past week or so. She slept on the floor of the living room but kept getting distracted by things in the room. Finally I gave her the camp homesick theory of “tough love”. I put her in her crib and left the room. She cried for about 5 mintues and then fell right asleep. I worked on my Photoshop advertisement while she was sleeping and got a lot accomplished.

At 5:00 I went to band and hurt my back playing the timpani. What else is new? We perform Saturday night. Then I went to work at KJAM for a Madison HS basketball game. The DJ couldn’t get a decent phone connection, so he couldn’t do the play-by-play. Instead, I played the programmed music and he’d call in on his cell phone about every 10 minutes to give a score and stat update. It was boring. I started a scarf and crocheted for the 2.5 hours, though though. I only have a 1/2 hour left with it too! After work, I went to visit Miles in his apartment.

I visited him as well as his turtle Haji. She wasn’t as hospitable. We talked about a large variety of things in a very short amount of time. He convinced me to start reading Harry Potter, since I’ve never read/seen the series at all. I have the 1st book in my posession. I plan to read it on the flight to Orlando. I figure, to read all of the books, I’ll be taking many trips to Florida. I really enjoy Miles’ apartment. It is decently priced, especially for one person and (in my opinion) is a very nice apartment. I’m sure there are downsides, as are to any other residence. I haven’t seen any of the other apartments in the complex, though though. If Sara, Kensi, Danielle, and I don’t get in the 8-plexes for whatever reason, I’d seriously consider looking into an apartment for myself there. Maybe this summer even, if I get the Daktronics internship and can rent for that short of time. Who knows!

After my very brief visit with Miles, I went to Holly Smith’s/Bob Davidson’s house near 10:30. I got lost because the snow and nighttime lack of light confused me, but I made it there eventually. She has a “makeshift” darkroom in her basement (which has the coolest entrance ever). I had already printed all 10 of my photos, but knew I wouldn’t be happy with a couple of them, so she self-lessly let me do my stuff down there. I printed 6 more photos, just to be safe. She rocks. Now I need to spot-tone the pictures, mount them, and assemble them into my portfolio. I will present them this Friday. Her basement entrance is in the floor in her kitchen and the steps lead down into a medium sized concrete room. Perfect for photography. Check out the picture below for a sense of how cool it is to go in their basement!


And here I am. I showered a little bit ago so that I don’t have to wake up quite so early for Biology. I’ll go to sleep as soon as my brain stops working so hard and my back stops hurting….so I guess I’ll never go to bed. Go figure. Just kidding, I probably will. I sure fooled you though, though!

OK, bye bye!