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My family in London Today I attended Day with Santa in downtown Madison. It was to earn ‘merit’ credit for two different organizations that I’m a member of. (Neither had enough group members in attendence to earn the credit, so it was pretty much just for fun). Anyway, there were about 400-500 kids at the armory for this event. It was huge. People came from everywhere. I imagine. The kids were ADORABLE. It’s a good thing we had a convocation this semester with the topic of ‘ethics’, because I just may have taken one or two children otherwise.

To kill time in between visitors to our booth, Megan Flynn and I had a talk show with each other where we’d inquire interesting facts about the other. Since we were at a family event thing, that seemed to be our favorite topic. I told her of how I wanted to marry a man who had a good relationship with God and made me closer to Christ by spending time with him. Besides life goals of wanting to design things for a company, I also have other passions. Cooking and cleaning and doing laundry for my future family, raising a Christian family with my husband. I would like to raise my family similar to the way my parents have been raising me. I think Adam, Marissa, and I are turning out pretty good…for the most part. If you know any combination of the three of us, you’ll know what I mean when I say that we are so different that we’re all completely similar. It makes for interesting interactions when we’re all home. And that’s not often. I’ll head back to Iowa in less than a week for almost a month. It should prove to be a good time.

Orlando countdown: 17 days Money left to earn: $33.59 Probability: So high I’m seeing stars Current checkbook balance: $12.02

OK bye bye!