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I cannot predict the weather, in my entire life…in the world…EVER

I was “woke up” Monday morning by a phone call from Miles, making sure I don’t miss my Biology final; I was already awake. :)

Well, last night was the first performance Comedy Bytes has performed with its newest members: Miles, Marci, and Mike. MMM……. Twice as many people showed up as I expected. It was a good turn out. SAB had to get out more chairs from other places so that everyone had a seat, even! It seemed to get lots of laughs, however I never cease to be amazed at the things an audience will laugh at. Hot jokes for the evening: “your mom” comments about Ben’s mom, a snowboard outing gone terribly terribly wrong and I end up with a bruise on my tushie, a male giving birth, and anything that even remotely referred to sex. (I think it’s because Miles and I watched the Seinfeld episode, The Mango and it transferred from us to them…if you’ve seen it, you’ll understand.) I really feel like I’m at a higher educational institute. But, I suppose you give what the people want. It also doesn’t help when you’re improvising with someone and you know exactly where the scene will end; either with a bloody nose or feeling violated in some way. It’s hard to escape it, though though. Paul resigned from the group without coming out and saying why exactly. We all have our ideas. It makes my heart sad. *insert sad face*

Potential future roommate, Kensi, committing homicide on me...I had girl night with my potential future roommates: Kensi, Danielle, and Sara. They were watching “The Perfect Man”. I’ve never been huge in to typical chick flicks…and it was just that. Also, there is no perfect man, or woman. There are people who are perfect for certain people. But they still have their imperfections, which makes them wonderful. A good relationship isn’t built on a good orchid sent to the woman, or a nicely written letter. Those are wonderful things and a woman would cherish them, but they honestly don’t lead to a wonderful relationship. Talking about nothing in particular and even still being interested in the conversation because you want to hear what the other person has to say; being content with sitting around and doing nothing; throwing fish at a friend (the best thing in the world to do with a friend). Those are a few things that make a good friendship or relationship. Also, see the previous post.

I repaid the “wake up” call favor this morning. :)

Today I worked at KJAM for a few hours. I DJ’d on the FM side, which is a little different from the AM side. In my opinion, the biggest thing is that more people listen. That station is more common to be played around town in stores. I even had one of my residents tell me she heard me on the radio while she was at work. Things were about “A-” worthy in the DJ area, if given a grade. I did, however, give the wrong call sign as I signed off the air and had to correct myself. That was upsetting. My boss laughed at me.

Fear the Turkey Drama Club had our Christmas party tonight. I received a daily planner and the game ANTS IN THE PANTS. Only, when I played it…it was more like ANTS IN DAVID’S GLASS OF POP. The ants didn’t get very sticky. Mainly because I was horrible at making the grasshopper-like ants to make it in David‘s pop. He was better than I, I’ll admit. But he’d make a pretty ugly girl.

Then we went to the Holly-Bob house. We includes: Lisa, Ben, Miles, and myself. We watched some movies they had made over the past couple of years, which was entertaining…as expected. And we watched the video of Comedy Bytes. It has inspired me to stop laughing, because I could hear myself…and it’s not attractive or quiet. I didn’t enjoy the way it sounded. So that’s it. Cold shoulder.

While leaving, it started to rainsnow. It was snowing rain, basically. It was not at all fun to stand in. And yet, I stood in it for a really long time. I went to Miles’ apartment to consume only one episode of Seinfeld. As it turns out, we didn’t watch any episodes. But talked for close to 5 hours. One of my favorite parts was us discussing the correct term for someone who fences. Is it fencer? Are you a fence player? I decided since you can be a golfer, not a golf player, it must indeed be a fencer. We then went through and listed all of the terms that would describe someone playing a sport, ending in “er”. Luger was the most fun to say out loud. It sounds like you are being mean and saying loser, but really you are just describing someone who Luges. It has been a great 10 hours. And I just returned to my room. I’ll be getting lots of sleep shortly.

OK, bye bye!