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The dingo ate your baby…!

I woke up yesterday in late morning, (see previous post’s time and you’ll understand why) and everything for the rest of the day seemed to completely fly by because I basically didn’t experience Wednesday morning. I was glad I took time to study the midterm test for my final in Web Publishing I, because 10 of the 12 midterm questions were on the final test. The final was only 10 questions long.

I spent the next two hours running around and trying to get things done. I decided I would have gotten the same amount of things done if I had woken up earlier…it just would have been done at a slower pace. I even took 3 minutes out of my ‘busy’ schedule to play a round of Dance Dance Revolution in one of my girls’ rooms. Softball freshman, Reba Sabo had surgery on her ACL and another something-something-L about 8 weeks ago. She just got off her crutches over the Thanksgiving break and still smoked everyone in her DDR skills. For shame.

Miles visited my room and I told him the name of every person in every picture in my room. I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t remember any one of them. We watched a little Seinfeld and then went with Kendra Weisser and Jen Sixta for Wings night…and decided to go to Lon’s Cocktail instead because we weren’t in the mood to wait 3 hours for food. I introduced Miles to cheeseball dipped in ranch, and I think it was a hit. It had been a while since really spending some time with Kendra and Jen…it was a nice refresher. :)

My infamous turkey walk.Miles and I rented Ray and started to watch it back at my room when the time came to go cheap bowling. Among the bowlers: Miles, David, Swett, Millar, Dan, Kevin, Allie, Marissa, Sara, Noah, and Amanda. Nikki Duffy and her boyfriend Trevor were also there, but not in the neighboring lane as they usually are. For shame. All night, it seemed as though I’d get out of performing the turkey walk, because the best anyone could do was a double. However, as my lane bowled our last frame, David decided to be a luger and bowl his third strike. I did my gobble thing, and Swett enjoyed documenting the event with his new camera. I didn’t even get my normal beverage out of the deal!

This was my view of the Underground (the tube) at Victoria Station in London. Holly and Miles like to speak in British accents lately and Miles carried that over to bowling. David even gave it a go. When I try, I sound more Australian. It doesn’t help much that I throw in sayings like mate or shrimp on the barbie or even quote Elaine in saying Maybe the dingo ate your baby! So I just don’t try hard any more. In any case, I’ll say words like bloody and toddie in a completely obvious American accent…and wear my scarf the way Brits do. That’s as close as I’ll let myself get.

We returned to the dorms, exchanged handshakes with David, and finished the movie. We concluded that it’s OK to make jokes in poor taste about a person’s misfortune, as long as we do it together. And not in public. We also decided that Miles probably still would though though.

Bedtime came shortly thereafter and I woke up this morning to finish my Photoshop portfolio book on the Tropicana advertisement campaign and presented it. I’m the RA on duty, so I’ll be sticking around the place today. The game at KJAM was cancelled for tonight. It’s about 17 degrees out and blowing snow like a madman. A zip-up sweatshirt was a bad choice.

Orlando countdown: 12 days Money left to earn: spending cash Probability: I’ll have some Current checkbook balance: $184.58 Things left to buy before we leave: larger camera memory card, gas, food (we’re paying for food before we leave), pay back Jenni, cell phone bill

OK, bye bye!