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I Laugh at the Face of Sleep

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I haven’t fallen asleep yet. It is 4:30 AM. I lost my sleeping mask.

Coincidence? I woke up at 4:30 AM two days ago and couldn’t fall back asleep.

I visited my High School last week and showed my portfolio to some of my old teachers. One of them has a daughter who is a senior, Jenna Noble. Good friend of mine. I created some graduation invitations last year for someone and have them in my portfolio.

Now that you have the background, here’s what went down. Mrs. Noble is looking through my portfolio. She reaches the graduation invitations. She says, “Wow. Whoa, Jenna’s got to see these.” So Jenna comes to see them. She says something along the lines of, “You’re right.” Mrs. Noble says, “You should do Jenna’s invitations.” I say, “I can do that if you want.” Mrs. Noble gives me the oh, too familiar look that says, “I’m serious.” I give it right back. I can hold my own.

The next day rolls around and Noble messages me on MSN. She asks me if I’d be able to do the invites for her. I said of course I could. I told Jenna I’d get price quotes from a couple printing places. I did it and she gave me pictures and details. When she did this, I was G2G (good to go).

I couldn’t sleep tonight. That’s why I cranked out four, yes count them, four invitations. You may be thinking, “But Holli, where are all the details for her party?” Well, she isn’t having one. She just wants to make sure everyone knows she is graduating.

Ha, fooled you! Even at almost 5:00 AM, I’m as sharp as the teeth on my smelly dog. *sigh, idiots* She’s going to have the party details on the back of the design she chooses. She’ll choose from what you see in this post. Maybe a couple more if I can.

This post is pretty much useless. I’m only writing as much as I am to make sure all the invitations show up. And I didn’t feel like resizing any of them. Sorry that you’re going through this and thinking you’ll find something interesting to read. If you really need to, and haven’t already, I have a whole archive. Of a month. Read some of those.

Hmm, what am I doing this weekend? Well, I’ll head back to Madison in about six hours. I want to stop and see one of my residents, Carrie, working at Barnes and Noble in Sioux Falls if I can. Just to say hey. I work at KJAM tonight and I will finally see Miles, too. We are going to watch all three Lord of the Rings this weekend. “Why?” you ask. Because we can. Not just any old DVD set either. The extended version. That’s right folks. And I’ve never seen them. None of them. Saturday, the Emry RA’s and RD are going to Sioux Falls to buy things and eat supper and terrorize little children. Lord of the Rings. Sunday, I will go to church and man the front desk of Emry for an hour. Lord of the Rings. Monday, I will do the same as Sunday. Except I won’t be going to church or watching Lord of the Rings. And Miles will leave sometime that afternoon to head back to Pierre and play with his dad. Just like the old days, I suppose. I think this has left ample room for my invites. Enjoy!

OK, bye bye!