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Pierre Won…me over

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Sunrise 3 Well, I made it to and from Pierre safely on Tuesday/Wednesday. I gave a framed graphic I made stating, “I love Iowa” to Representative Val Rausch. It’s probably the best thing he owns right now. Miles gave me a tour of the capital and showed me what he does each day. It was nice for a mental image to match with his stories. It happened to be the day Madison was hosting the SD Legislature, so there were many familiar faces in town. They held a banquet that night, which Miles and I attended. We talked with DSU faculty we knew, such as Dr. Cecelia Wittmayer (VP of academic affairs); Steve Shirley (VP of student affairs); and Dr. Douglas Knowlton (President of DSU). It was a very good time.

There was a display of DSU stuff that we checked out (2006 is DSU’s 125th Anniversary). Amongst the things, was a display of Coca-Cola cans that had the 125th Anniversary logo on them! Steve Shirley said they were going to be distributed in the area to get DSU’s name out there. He also threatened me to not speak a word of it before Thursday at 12:30. He said Jen and Miles were safe because they won’t be back at school. Miles said he planned to blog about it that very night. Steve didn’t believe him. Oh, Steve…

At the celebration today for the anniversary, Steve mentioned that a few people were sworn to secrecy. It felt like he looked right at me. Afterward, he told me, “Good job.” I guess I’m the best secret keeper ever. There are 12,000 12-packs produced with the DSU Anniversary logo on the cans, being distributed through February. They will be distributed in the Madison and Sioux Falls markets, Southwestern Minnesota, and Northwestern Iowa. They are in the regular red 12-pack boxes (no special marking on the outside to distinguish it as DSU’s). So I guess it’s just the luck of the draw as to if you get a DSU 12-pack or a regular 12-pack. There’s also Olympic ones out too; don’t get those.

I made it back in town with two minutes to make it to Intro to Literature. Blessinger makes it very interesting, I have him for Composition II as well. I also had Technical Publishing with Laflin, who is in love with me. I went downtown to KJAM to pick up my schedule for the week. As I walked in the door, both the DJ on the AM side and the secretary looked as if they’d just seen a ghost. They said they were within 30 seconds of calling my cell phone. DJ Corey was very sick and couldn’t stay anymore and they wanted to know if I had time to take over until 5:00. I had time, so I spent a couple hours there DJing the AM. I had a Trivia Question for some casserole dish from Betty Crocker. And I also had a giveaway for two coupons good for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonald’s. For that, I told them they had to call in and tell the secretary “I’m luvin’ it!”. No one called, though! I was supposed to take them if no one called in, but I forgot that until right now. By the way, I woke up this morning with a stuffed, sneezing nose and a horribly sore throat. Kill Corey. HajiAnd the microphone from which I caught it. Then I went to make sure Haji wasn’t dead. Indeed, she was alive and not mad to see me.

Today I had Web Pub II with Weinstein. What a quirky guy. I can’t help but laugh at him in class. But it should be interesting. We need to maintain and style a blog for one of our assignments. After class, Steve Bartel asked me to be his guinea pig for something in Emry. He doesn’t want me to advertise about it…but if you ever stop by my room, you’ll know what it is. Seeing as I’m an RA, I doubt it will be kept secret very well. But it does mean sunny days are in Emry’s future. That’s all I have to say about that.

Composition II was with Blessinger again and seems like it will be a blast. Left for the day is Digital Photography II. Should be a good time. And a good semester. No band today. Lots of reading to do, though.

OK, bye bye!