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“You’ve been up since WHEN?”

AM 1390 StudioI work part-time for KJAM radio in Madison, since January 2005. They play Country on the FM and Soft Rock on the AM. Most Sundays I come to the KJAM Radio station near 5:00am to run the morning show until noon on the AM. FM just runs on its own from Friday night until Monday morning. Sunday mornings are to be our Christian show. Basically, I’ll play music (I pick it from a playlist when I come at five), give the weather forecast and current conditions, latest news and sports, happenings around town and such. Then after doing that for almost four hours, I play sermon recordings from area churches. I’ve been coming in on some Sunday mornings since the beginning of October and have developed quite an annoyance for some things. And so begins my list of:

Things that really bother me on Sunday mornings at KJAM

Callers phone in with the question, “Can you tell me what time it is?”

I can’t find The Star Spangled Banner CD anywhere.

Someone calls to ask what the DQ Secret Word of the Day is, when they know fully well I will tell them to listen to the radio for it.

I receive more than two calls to wish the same person Happy Birthday.

I always get the chair wheel caught in the huge hole in the chair mat.

People fail to bring in their recording of today’s sermon and I am forced to play the recording from the previous week.

The phone rings 25 seconds before I plan to go on air and the caller talks slow.

I lose my train of thought while on air because my brain is trying to figure out what is coming up in the next hour.

We play Christian music that isn’t good. Some isn’t even Christian, just somewhat clean. Chicago’s Will You Still Love Me? That is no Sanctus Real or Remedy Drive, my friends. I’m working on getting some real Christian music in there, but I’m not for sure on licensing rules and the like. Needless to say, there are a couple good songs. These people don’t know Christian music and that the right songs can make Ben Heinrichs rock so hard, he’ll give himself a black eye. (True story!) It doesn’t have to be boring.

Using old equipment. See the picture above of the AM station I am sitting in as I write this.

The people who listen are no younger than 40 years old. That’s probably why none of my Christian music will end up on the air.

I forget I have the headphones around my neck and I get up to go somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job here and am glad I have given the former Sunday morning DJ a break most weeks; but it really can get boring and monotonous after a couple hours. So I read everyone’s posts while the songs play and I’m off air; and write my own posts. I even do a lot of homework. And to think, I’d be sleeping otherwise…..!

OK, bye bye!