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Fond Memories of Willis the Dog

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In my Composition II class discussion with Dr. Blessinger, he brought up a good point. We often look at pictures and our minds fill in how the characters in the photos interact, or how the story went.Holli and Willis We will see pictures of ourself as a child and will think, “I remember that”, when in all actuality you remember what you may have been told about it or what your mind has made up to fill in the blanks. This post is based on the events of what I think happened, prior to this picture.

On the date this picture was snapped, I was around the age of three or four. Marissa would not have been born yet. We had a dog, his name was Felix (in honor of Dad’s college nickname, which is still only used by two people, who we see maybe once a year.) Yet, Adam and I often wanted a dog. We seemed to not notice Felix, ever. I think it was because Felix wasn’t much of a family dog, the kids never played with him. And as a youngster, I was afraid of dogs. Go figure. Still, I whined to Mom about wanting to take a dog for a walk. Being as creative, and deceiving as she was, she gave me Willis.

Oh the fond memories I have of Willis and I taking long walks around the neighborhood, rolling in mud, playing fetch. Typical things kids do with dogs. I finally felt like I had achieved what I was looking for: a loyal pal to be with me to the very end.

The memories grow dim here. Somewhere along the lines, Willis and I were separated. We haven’t seen each other since this snapshot. I see a faint resemblance of ketchup and pickle relish, and the smell of charcoal has always made me feel deathly ill. I wonder where Willis is now…