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Fellowship of the Two Towers…?

Currently reading: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown; The Book of Galatians

It’s not good for a worrier to need to be at work at 5:00 AM. I’ve basically been awake since 2:33, afraid I will not hear my alarm go off. Then I come to KJAM and have to keep the front door locked until its daylight, just because who knows who could be out there.


This may come as a shock to all, but until this weekend, I had never seen any Lord of the Rings movies. Starting Friday, Miles and I ventured into the unknown to watch all three extended versions. As you can tell by my title, the first two really have just blurred into one seriously long film. But one seriously good film. Today at some point, we will be watching the third and final. I tend to find things funny in the movie that apparently aren’t meant to be comedic. I think I just see the lighter side of everything. I foresee us also watching the special features DVDs in the very near future.

I’m not sure how long these extended versions are supposed to be, but for us they tend to be darn near 5 hours. Because of many unexpected distractions, it makes watching these movies very difficult. I will name a few of these disturbances: eating, me asking lots of questions and Miles pausing the movie and explaining everything (if you know Miles, you know how long that could take), and random visits from two of my future roommates Kensi and Sara.

Message from Kensi and SaraSara, Kensi, and Danielle. Those girls. If you check out the picture I’ve posted, you’ll see what I have to look forward to. They can’t even spell “disturb”. Oh, but as much as I like to poke fun, we’re going to have a good time next year. Who else would play London Bridge is Falling Down incorrectly? Who else would spend a significant amount of time brainstorming ideas on how to transport objects with a slinky? Who else would obsess about swoop bangs? I tell you, no one.

Big week ahead of me. I’ll be finishing up my first Daktronics project, bidding on the Angels and Demons audiobook (there’s no way I’ll ever find time to read it), writing my first paper for the semester, attending a scholarship banquet, celebrating Groundhog Day, and heading to Miles’ hometown; all while saving the world. Good news: I’m not on weekend duty again until March 17th.

OK, bye bye!