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Improvisation at its funniest

DSU’s improvisational comedy troupe, Comedy Bytes had rehearsal tonight. I know what you’re thinking, “Improvisation can be rehearsed?” Yes, it can. And it must. There’s a technique to improvised comedy. I am not skilled in it, but I know that it exists. I see it in others. I am good at laughing; which in turn lets the audience know when something is funny. Yet, that technique still must be practiced and hopefully perfected in order to perform an improvised show. This is why we rehearse. And still, it is a scary time being on stage in front of a crowd, and having no idea where the next 90 minutes will take you. I think every person should experience this horror at some point in their lives.

Comedy Bytes' dating gameIn any case, President Knowlton has asked the group to travel to area High Schools and perform written sketches and improvised bits for the purpose of achieving two goals. 1) To promote DSU as being hip. 2) To not promote drugs, intolerance, inappropriate internet usage, etc. as being hip. Both are very challenging. Not in the sense that they aren’t true. But for goodness’ sake, we are a comedy troupe discussing serious issues. How do you tastefully do that? To top it off, this man donates things to us from his own pocket. So even if we didn’t want to do it, we are obligated to do these things. He also performed with us last spring, so there’s kinship mixed in with all this as well. Thus, Sue said we’d be ready by February 14th to travel to schools. That gives us one more week. Things did not look up for a while.

Then, Miles ingeniously wrote a sketch entitled, Sonny Silverman, Life Extender. We sight-read the script tonight and it was a huge hit with the cast. It encourages me to want to end my drug usage. However, I will not discuss its contents for many reasons. Perhaps it will be performed when we do our spring show and you all can see it for yourself. He also is in the midst of writing a couple other sketches, but those are his to choose to reveal. I call them sketches, not skits. I think I get that from Saturday Night Live. He does a very good job of keeping it hilarious while getting the overall point across. I am very impressed with his talents. All in all, things will turn out OK with Comedy Bytes. We seem to pull through; no matter how many unfortunate things occur. Over the past semester, we have lost a total of 5 members of the troupe for various reasons. Ouch. There are now a whopping six of us. So, here’s hoping that things don’t completely bomb with High School traveling.

I can now say I have watched all three The Lord of the Rings movies and not be lying. It’s a good feeling to finally…feel. And I’m exhausted. And completely broke. I don’t have an Orlando Fund anymore, but you can still send me hypothetical donations via the comments page. Nikki Duffy, if you’re reading this, I probably won’t be bowling this week. Unrelated, I’ve got a busy week ahead of me still.

The Drama Club is selling live greeting cards, called Love Out Loud (lol) for Valentine’s Day. For the few days preceding the holiday, we’ll have a booth set up in the TC to sell the live-action Mad Lib-able poems that students and faculty members can send to their sweeties on that special day for only $2.00. A member or a couple members of the club will then deliver and hilariously perform the card to the person at a specific place and time on the 14th, determined by the sender. Hopefully it catches on and people are interested in it. I will spend the next couple of days trying to make up a decent poster to promote it, as well as getting necessary permission to do such a fundraiser. Here’s hoping we make more than $4.00.