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Interview for you?

After interviewing boys and girls the past couple of nights, I am beat. But I found it interesting to be on the flip side of an interview process. It really is true that you are being observed from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. I found myself subconsciously making mental notes (good and bad) based on many different things:

Chewing gum throughout the night.

Not dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Would not speak within a group, unless specifically spoken to.

Interrupting (rudely), with little respect for others’ thoughts and opinions.

Also polite/respectful enough to sit back and let others speak instead of themselves, even when they clearly had the answers early on.

Had the courage to tell someone she/he didn’t agree with the decision and explained how the issue could better be solved.

Nervous picking at clothes.

The list goes on. And of course, this wasn’t observed in every interviewee…I just found it extremely interesting. It got me thinking about what I do during an interview. Keep these things in mind the next time you’re in the hot seat!

Fargo or bust

So I realized on Sunday night that I didn’t take any pictures throughout the entire weekend.  Sorry for no eye candy.

We arrived in Fargo, ND at around 11:00pm on Friday.  We all got settled in, ordered pizza and just hung out for five more hours.  Late night.  I woke up around 11 the next day, which is very good for me.  Especially since there were 6 other people sleeping in the same room who had woken up earlier.  I was tired though…it had been a long and busy week.

Tony’s got a nice house though.  I was impressed with its cleanliness and it was very roomy for all of us.  Way to go Tony!

Lindsey and Bryce went to visit a friend, who transferred from SMSU, for the afternoon.  The rest of us went to eat at Grand Junction.  It was pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself.  We got the elaborate tour from Tony of the NDSU campus (consisting of a dorm, ag buildings by Bryce’s request, and pointing out the engineering area).  It was OK with me because I started to feel sick and wasn’t up for much.  No worries though, it was all a fluke.  We went to the mall, where I searched for a coat to no avail.  Boys walk slow.

Then we went back to Tony’s house and played Playstation, or were online.  Miles worked on Tony’s computer problem.  I shopped online for a coat to no avail.  Then we went to go eat at an Alien restaurant.  But the wait was too long and Chris complained.  Then we went to Bennigans and Chris complained, but we ate there anyway.  Tasty again.

After we ate, we went to Miles’s uncle Tim’s house.  His kindergarten daughter Ava gave us all a tour of the new house and baby Gabe showed off his basketball skills on a Playskool hoop.  Then I decided it was time to play with the kids, because that is what I do.  I play with kids.  All was well for a while.  Then Gabe got sad and scared of Chris (who isn’t?)  And it all went down hill.  But it was still a good time to just hang out there.  Miles spent most of his time working on their computer problem.

We left and played some Playstation and I got overexcited with the tennis game.  Turns out I’m a loser.  We were in bed around 3.  Church the next morning at 10:30, then we went to eat at Perkins while Chris kind of complained.  Next we went to eat at IHOP, where Chris didn’t complain at all.  Finally, we decided on the mall food court and Chris complained about his dessert choice.

We left and were back in Big Stone for a few hours.  Miles worked on The Honorable’s computer problem.  (See the recurring theme?)  And David watched basketball until we left.  I had some homemade potato soup to-go as we trucked back to Madison to work on homework and play lines.  Exhausting!

I’ll be posting soon about RA interviews and my interesting finds.

Eye Candy is Del.ic.ious

Miles's Anniversary GiftAnniversary
Miles and I celebrated our three month anniversary (that’s a quarter of a year) on Tuesday. We ate at China Moon and sat by the door. It was like negative 100 degress outside, and 500 people came in to the restaurant too. Miles picked the table. We then went to play practice. Miles made me the picture on the right, using Photoshop, for a gift. I gave him a little ring thing that some bathroom stalls have around the toilet paper dispencer pole. Apparently he collects them. He was overjoyed about it.

Fond Memories of Okoboji
I was looking at a bulletin board today and saw a poster that advertised for Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center. That is my previous place of summer employment! I was in complete shock! There were three phone number stubs missing too, so I wonder who was interested from DSU. Anyway, I thought it was pretty stinkin’ cool.

Comedy Bytes 2006Spring Production
The spring play has been drastically changed. Adrienne Boese is doing a monologue, Fifteen Minutes. Then our play, The Actor’s Nightmare, is being performed. We’ll have an intermission and concessions, and then Comedy Bytes will perform. Comedy Bytes is also having a few late night performances, of just the comedy troupe without the other one-acts. It should be a really good production. I think Comedy Bytes being hooked on to the other two in the early show will bring a lot more to those shows than would normally go. At the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, April 7, 10, 11 at 7:00 and April 8 at 2:00 are all three peformances. Also at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, April 7 and 10 at 10:00 are Comedy Bytes only performances. Also, on April 8 at 9:00 is a Comedy Bytes jam session, where anyone can come and just do some improvisation games with us for a good time. I’m pretty excited about it all. Come and see it and laugh hard!

In Literature, we’re watching Mel Gibson’s Hamlet. I’m really excited about this because I wanted to rent it (I saw it in high school) and possibly buy it off eBay or something later on. So at least I’m getting my fill, for now. In Photography, we were to use Photoshop and enlarge or shrink yourself into a photograph and make it look as real as you can. I think I did a pretty decent job, especially if you compare it to David’s work.

Weekend Plans
Good times are to come this weekend as Miles, David, Bryce, Lindsey, Chris, and I travel to Fargo to visit Tony. Look at all those hyperlinks! Pretty exciting times to come soon, I hope it doesn’t suck as much as my visit to Marshall last month. I’m sure it won’t. Plus, Tony’s way cool. And so is Fargo…… :)

Rude Awaykening

alarm clock It’s 4:00 AM. I wake up to the flashing lights and loud buzzing of the fire alarm. Being the duty RA, I grab my glasses, cell phone, and keys and run to the first floor. I know that there are no other RA’s in the building, so I begin looking for the alarm box key to silence the sound for at least a little while. As I search, I begin to look up my RD’s (Mandy’s) phone number in my cell because I thought she was out of town. I turn around and she’s standing there. I say, “Thank God you’re here!” She hands me the master key and I go knocking and unlocking doors on 1st floor. At this point, we can’t do anything but assume this is real. Girls (and their guy friends) are coming out of their rooms and down the stairs grumpily as I think, “Your lives may be in danger right now and all you can do is whine?!”

I get half-way through knocking and unlocking my floor (2nd floor) when Mandy comes up and says, “It’s on this floor!” We check all of the pull alarms, but none have been triggered. Mandy then says, “We need to check the discs in the ceiling of every room.” We don’t know what we’re looking for, because we’ve never had it happen from a room before. We start checking and finally find a room that has a disc missing. The resident and her boyfriend were still in the room, which is in violation of fire alarm policy, but they helped us a lot so I guess it was kind of a blessing. We found something that looked like it might be the disc. It was bent, but the guy bent it back and stuck it in the ceiling. He twisted it and it seemed to lock in place.

Mandy went downstairs and silenced the alarm, sending girls back to bed. It never went off again. One and a half hours later, I finally fall back to sleep. That’s what I call a great Saturday night!

Ecstatic Eight

Holli and Cici So the Lady T’s basketball season is officially over. What a run they had, though! They come out of regular season play in first place for the D-A-C, with a #18 rank in the nation. They got beat in conference tournament play, but still won the second-to-last bid to qualify for the national tournament in Sioux City, IA. I had made the decision that I was going to Sioux City if the girls made it. And one week later there I was in the Tyson Events Center at 8:30 AM, alongside Miles Rausch, Kendra Weisser, Jennifer Sixta, and Kim Sixta. We stayed at my parents’ house the night before so we didn’t have so far to drive in the morning. The girls won against Shawnee State and were a part of the Sweet Sixteen. What made it even better, was that Cici was there and she sat with me for the first half. She’d clap when I clapped. Sometimes when I get excited about a play, I point at the player. Cici would point when I pointed. I think the only thing she can’t do is control her bladder.

We high-tailed it back to Madison for people to get a 1/2 day of work in the afternoon and prepared to head back to my town the next night. We got there (without Kim this time) and Jen and Kendra were asleep by 7:00 PM or something crazy. Headed out the next morning to see the girls play the #4 ranked team in the nation, Tabor College from Kansas. It seemed as though every player for DSU was “on”. We really got our momentum when our 6-10 players were on the court, which is amazing. It truly shows that they’re just as important as our starters. It wore out Tabor, because we were the same team whether our starters were on the court or not, and they definately had different momentum without their starters. So we kept running hard and wearing them out and eventually won by what seems like a landslide (if you just look at the final score anyway). Turns out that the Lady T’s had two upsets for the tournament. Those girls were proving that they deserved to be there. They were in the Elite Eight.

Amber Melvin sinks free throw We drove back to Madison, and returned to Hawarden five hours later. We played Phase 10 with my parents and slept in a couple hours on Saturday. My parents came to watch that game with us. We weren’t the same team that afternoon. We were a little sloppy and just not ready for a team like Hastings from Nebraska. The momentum just wasn’t in our favor (neither were the referees). But they had a great season and played hard. And can hold their head up high as a team that was Elite. (I hate the term Elite Eight…I like Ecstatic Eight better.)

Angie Gottsleben sinks three’s with a horrible shot technique, but no one can criticize if she’s making them! Sara Nelson (my old RA) had a great game against Tabor and earned the honor of being named a Champion of Character. Laura Tewes is a quiet player, but excellent nonetheless. I was very impressed. My mom said Laura was her favorite player. Kendra said she could see Laura being named to the All-Tournament team. Jen and Kendra’s roommates Jill Hansen, Jessica VanLoy, and Stephanie Kaup were all great and made some excellent plays. I was especially excited for Steph because she didn’t get much playing time during the season, but proved she deserved to have gotten more when she was on the court at nationals.

I am at KJAM now and am a little irritated. The guy who was going to do it this morning called me last night at 9:00 to ask if I could work for him. Jim had told me that he might call….but I thought the DJ would have at least given me 12 hours notice. Anyway, I didn’t get much sleep and my voice hurts. So I’m not talking on-air much. Jim Hockett told me that he has turned in his resignation at KJAM. I’m very sad, because he’s great in a lot of ways. He even made sure I didn’t have to work this week so that I could go to the national tournament! I suppose it will make it easier to tell the station I won’t be returning after this semester if I decide I do not want to stay. Oh well, people need to move on I guess, so why can’t Jim? *sigh*

Spring break is over.