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Mile High Fizz Bessie

Heather comic My title is a Mad Gab I made up. Even at 4:15 AM I am a genius! But also, since it’s after 4:00AM, I probably will have lots of grammer mistakes in here. And I don’t want to fix them…it’s 4:00AM for goodness’s sake!

Saturday evening, after our play and going to Mass, Miles and I went out to Ben’s place. Lisa, Holly, and Bob were there as well. There we brought in horses. I didn’t because I’m pretty much terrified of them; I took pictures. We ate some delicious ribs and beans and chips and then played Roulette (American, not Russian) and Blackjack. We did this for many hours and then Miles and I came back to town and finished Harry Potter III (three).

Miles and I met up at noonish Sunday to eat at China Moon. Then we did homework all day long and he helped me understand Web Publishing II better, now I’ve nearly finished my work with that which otherwise would have taken me two weeks. Then we performed as Comedy Bytes at the KSI honors banquet. Miles and I are members, so we stayed for the meal and everything. Then we rented Harry Potter IV. After many problems, we started to watch it on my tablet. Then he got tired so he left. original I tried to sleep. Three times I tried. I’ve decided I won’t sleep and I will just nap from like 2:30-5:30, before we perform tomorrow at 7:00 and at 10:00.

The picture at the beginning is of my friend Heather when we were in Florida over Christmas break. The picture down here is the original. For Photography II, we were to take a picture and make it look like it came out of a comic book. I think I did pretty well. And it was fun to make. Yippee!

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 Miles and I go down to KJAM to have an on-air interview about the play. It should be a good time. We’ll see how “on” I am with little to no sleep! The Mad Gab for my title answer is: My Life Is Busy