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Take me out to the ballgame

First off, happy belated birthday to me! Here’s a list of what I got and from whom.

Marissa and Jared
Chocolate birthday cake

Mom and Dad
External Hard Drive (weird I know, but I asked for it)

Adidas Moves for Women (perfume)
16 Dry-Erase Markers (low odor; my old ones smell horrible)
Wrote me a story about a princess
Messenger bag

It’s intramural co-ed softball season! Last year, I was asked by my Freshman Showcase director, Ryan Glanzer (.com), to play on an intramural softball team he was on that was in need of girls. This team is known as I’m a Bowling Trophy. As it turns out, this team was the reigning champions of co-ed softball 2004 and was looking to keep that title. Talk about pressure, since I hadn’t played softball for a couple years. The captain, Jon Waldman, placed me at 3rd base. Who would have guessed that I’d end up being the best 3rd baseman in the history of intramural co-ed softball at Dakota State?

Anyway, long story made uber-short, I’m a Bowling Trophy won co-ed softball 2005 by one run. We tried for the 2005 Homecoming title this fall, which would have fit us perfectly because we had the Homecoming Queen and another candidate on our team. But because of bad calls and some injuries and bad pitching, we got like 2nd or something. No matter, it wasn’t REAL intramural co-ed softball anyway. It was September. We’ve got 2006 under our belts, easy as pie.