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Summer Vacation

Viewing Lower Manhattan Well we did a lot. We didn’t do it all, but we did a lot. We woke up early most days and didn’t get enough sleep most nights. This led to a lot of extremeness. I’m not sure how to write this post, so [when all else fails] I’ll make a list.

  • Best thing we did that we paid for: Rent on Broadway. It was really super good and makes me wish I could sing.
  • Favorite picture: The one you see to the right. I took it from Liberty Island, of the lower Manhattan skyline.
  • Biggest regret: Not going to the Seinfeld restaurant (62 block walk). Miles and I should have just gotten a taxi and gone. But our only opportunity was when we were super tired and everyone else was going to rest at the hotel. So we decided to rest instead.
  • Best thing we did that we didn’t pay for: Walking around Times Square at night.
  • Fastest sight-seeing: Horse and carriage ride through Central Park.
  • Favorite thing I did at Mass: Lit a candle for the first time. Well, I’ve lit a candle before. But not in a Cathedral or anything. Lit a candle for the first time…
  • Craziest New Yorker: The guy we kept seeing everywhere in lower Manhattan who was listening to N*Sync or Backstreet Boys. He’d look at Cari and then tone-deafly sing/scream-whisper a word or two from the song.
  • Phrase that was most over-used: “Forget about it!”

Find all of my NYC pictures here.

NYC – It’s the place to be!

The Kids We’re here. And safe. This will be short. I got a new camera, so that’s really cool.

We arrived in NYC at around 1:00pm (NYC time). We got a ride to the hotel and dropped off our bags. We went to eat at a nearby restaurant, Cosmic Cafe or something, and I felt a little sick. But I’m OK. We came back to unpack things. Then we left for Broadway and Times Square (3 blocks away or so) and looked for churches for Miles and I to go to Mass. We decided on St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Seems like the one to go to if you’re in NYC. Then we walked around for a while, Miles and I went to Mass and lit a couple candles, and then we went to the “real” Times Square where all the bright things are. It was kind of hazy, so not as cool. Then it rained, we ate at ESPN Zone and we all were feeling the 4:00 wake up at this point. Went outside, and the bright things were cool because it wasn’t hazy and it was dark. Pretty sweet. See pictures of our experience here. (So you know – this won’t happen every day…)

New York, New York

Phone Booth In less than a week, we will be on vacation in New York City. “Who is ‘we’?” you might ask. Well, we is:

It should be a grand time. :) We leave early Saturday morning and return Wednesday evening. Below is a list of things we’ll be doing.

Times Square
Mass [Miles and I]
Broadway going South
Empire State Building
5th & Madison Avenue shopping
Bryant Park
Wall Street
Ground Zero
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Brooklyn Bridge
Today Show
NBC Studio Tour
Rockefeller Center
Grand Central Station
Chrysler Building
United Nations
Rent on Broadway
CBS The Early Show
Central Park & Horse Carriage Ride
Tom’s (Seinfeld) Restaurant
The Dakota
Apple Store
5th Avenue
Hello Deli/Letterman
Spamalot on Broadway
Good Morning America (July 26, look for us in the studio!)
Coney Island Beach (Thanks for the reminder, Dad!)

I know you’re wondering, “How are you going to do all these things in less than 5 whole days?” You don’t know my family.

We’re extreme.

If you’re wondering why there’s a picture of us in London on this post, it’s because I don’t have another photo of all of us together.

66 Books in the Bible

So Miles and I have been doing a kind of devotional time this summer. We looked for a couple things online, but finding nothing all that great, we decided to read the daily Mass readings and talk about what we read. Sometimes a big discussion gets started, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s still cool.

As we were talking on the phone last night, I was looking ahead and saw that on Saturday the First Reading comes from the book of Wisdom. THE BOOK OF WISDOM?! I have never heard of such a book. I said something to Miles and he matter-of-factly said, “The book of Wisdom, yeah.” WHAT?! “I have never heard of the book of Wisdom. What Bible do you use?” “The New American Bible.” Sounds regular…like New International Version or King James Version. After a bickering of sorts, he made me get out my Bible and tell him the order in it. I knew that it wasn’t in there…what did I need to prove? “Song of Songs, Isaiah”. “Song Book of Songs, Wisdom, Sirach, Isaiah”. WHAT?! This was getting a bit extreme.

After some research, The New American Bible actually is a Bible used by Catholics. Not just a different version of the Bible like what I use. We went through the indexes of our Bibles and found that there are 7 extra books. They’re all in the Old Testament. Tobit, Judith, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, and Baruch. I’ve always been taught that 1) there are 66 books in the Bible and 2) there are two books by women (Esther and Ruth). This teaching is probably due to the fact that I am not a Catholic.

[hair] Do the Dew!

EXTREME! I’d say the cookout was a success. Here is a list of weirdos attendees and how they contributed:

  • Kyra [roommate] – Split cost of cookout, split cleaning duties. Helped set-up/take-down. A frisbee. Owned a grill.
  • Miles [boyfriend] – Took lots of amazing pictures. My friends like attention. Therefore, they like Miles. Also helped with set-up/take-down and entertainment.
  • Tyler [roommate’s boyfriend] – Started the grill. Grilled the meat.
  • Emily [camp friend] – Entertainment and laughs. As expected.
  • Bryan [camp friend] – Good conversation. Great frisbee stunts. Macking on Emily. Just kidding!
  • Ben [camp friend] – A 24-hour-old mohawk. Useless Excessive Disney knowledge. Extreme extremeness. Angry face. A football.
  • Ariela [Daktronics friend] – Delicious strawberry dessert. Ability to chat with my friends as well as Kyra’s.
  • Father Paul [Priest, Tyler’s roommate] – Good conversation. A place to go to church the next morning.
  • Bob and Danielle [Kyra’s friends] – Bob helped us move in last month. I don’t know Danielle.

Kyra kind of waited too late to invite people, so not many of hers could make it. But it was a fun, intimate gathering. One of my favorite moments: Ben is chugging Mountain Dew as Miles takes the picture. He pulls the bottle away from his lips and angrily shouts, “Did you even TAKE a picture?” Yes…yes, he did.

That mohawk is intense.