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My Dorm Room

Check out the video tour of my dorm room! I got inspired by Bryce‘s tours of the Philly apartment. Enjoy…!

This year’s outlook

YuckWell, RA training is officially over. And students are officially moved in, or are moving in. I’m really excited about the whole RA staff. Training seemed to go really well and everyone meshed together pretty nicely.

Most of my residents are moved in now, and I’m looking forward to the year. (Although, I am extremely tired and am in the middle of fighting a sinus infection.) It’s always fun to meet new people and have new neighbors, etc.

I have some brand new classes and professors this year…so that brings a little anxiety into the mix. I don’t really have a job, I kind of do, but yeah, just kind of. Anyway, it’ll be nice to start off with little commitment to clubs, jobs, etc. I welcome it with open arms. I’m learning how to say “I really don’t have time to commit to that…” So, good for me. Check out the pictures from RA Training.

Dakota State University is #1!

RAs Monday morning I had the opportunity to sit in on President Dr. Knowlton’s presentation for DSU (along with a million faculty members and the other RA trainees). It was here that I learned…DSU is #1! That’s right, my friends. Southwest Minnesota State University has lost its almost 10 year reign and handed it off to us. I, for one, am excited. It’s kind of a big deal.

His plan…to keep us at #1. I know, it seems like “duh”. But I think it’ll happen. We’re leading the way in colleges our size. And, my peers and I get to be a part of that. Recruiting will obviously be a key role. Being #1 will definitely help. As the Student Ambassador President, myself and all the ambassadors will be playing a big part in that. Sometimes, we’re the only “college kid” connection that potential students have to DSU. It’s exhilirating!

I sound like a nerd. Umm…GO DSU! (Find pictures here.) Also, Dr. Steve Shirley has a beard!