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What you’ve heard is true. A second Rausch has met the Greggs. We all knew it would happen, but who would be the first? The Honorable, on one of his business trips? Val AND Paula at a DSU play? No. It was none other than David. We picked up Miles and headed to Hawarden. We didn’t do a whole lot, but watched some football, watched Little Shop of Horrors, watched my senior video that Dad made, and celebrated Mom’s __th Birthday. David also experienced a United Methodist sermon. No big deal. I think David had a good time, and my family enjoyed having our company. I also got to see my cousins Corissa and Brody, whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

King and Queen DSU’s Homecoming is this week. Monday was coronation and Senior Tyler Ruhd and Sophomore Tawny Nordstrom were crowned King and Queen. I took pictures for the Student Activities Board website. Comedy Bytes performed Tuesday night. It was the last performance for Miles, Mike, and myself. I gave my camera to someone in the crowd to take pictures and I added them to my Comedy Bytes set. It went really well! We had some new games mixed in with some old favorites, and everyone enjoyed it. What a good way to end. I wish we had gotten it taped, however.

West Sioux’s Homecoming is also this week. Jared Kool, my sister’s boyfriend, was crowned King on Tuesday. Congratulations!

A marketing company was at campus this week. I was involved in a photo shoot with a cap and gown (very similar to what I did two years ago…) and then was interviewed for a video montage on the website.

Miles and I travel back to Hawarden this weekend. We’ll watch the Homecoming football game. Then on Saturday we’ll wake up way too early and head to the middle of the state and watch some football at the school my brother graduated from. And also hang out with the Leaders side of the family. Yippy skippy!

The Great Diversion

Roses from Miles Well, I’ve had three rehearsals so far this week for my Freshman Showcase. By the way, I’m directing a Freshman Showcase this year. All of the scripts were written by our new technical director, the one I’m directing is called The Great Diversion. My actors are Jamie Grimes and Molly Weeldreyer. I’m pretty excited about the way things are going. They were on the stage yesterday, and really got into it and that is good news. There’s a kiss written in the script, so we’ll probably discuss that towards the end of next week. We only have 3.5 weeks of rehearsal before we perform…so that is very scary. Especially since Molly is in two plays. She has twice the work in an insanely small amount of time. I’ve got faith in them though. Yippee.

What’s the play about? Let’s just say it involves Zombies….and brains. Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll have to come and see for yourself. Oct 11 and 12 in the Underground, time is TBA.

I’m going home this weekend for the first time since May. Don’t worry – I have seen my family since May, I have just not been home. There’s a difference. Miles and David are joining me. I’m going to see West Sioux play football, and play it well. Please don’t rain.

3D Design on Computers

3D Chair I am in my very first 3D class. It was scary, because I had never done any 3D designing, so I was worried that I would be absolutely horrible at it. As it turns out, the program isn’t hard to get used to and it is relatively simple to design with. I’m a big fan.

So far, everyone’s assignments have been the same. He’d give us a picture with dimensions and we are to make it. So besides for colors or textures that we apply to the objects, everyone’s final result should look the same. Pretty soon, we’ll be coming up with our own things to create per assignment. But I figured, no one who reads this blog is in the class anyway – so everyone who reads this will think this is cool! I do, anyway.

3D Desk with Granite Top I made a desk today with the program. When I started applying textures to it, I decided to look for a granite texture that I could put on the desk’s tabletop. I thought my searching was futile and then I saw it…”Stone – White Granite”. I’m a big fan of it.

I plan to be adding my 3D rendered scenes to my portfolio, so continue to check them out. Right now, there are the two pictures you see in this post, as well as one other scene. Enjoy!

My Animated Logo

For my Graphic Effects class, we were to come up with a logo that represents ourselves and then animate it in some way using the program Director on a Mac computer. First of all, I hate making things that “represent me”. I don’t know why, but I find it very frustrating and difficult to come up with something. I am great at creating things that represent OTHER people. Just not myself. Anyway, I drew a lot of different ideas for my logo. Animation sketches I got inspired by many other existing logos. Powerade, MTV, and Mello Yello–to name a few. I started making one that had my initials morphed together with a stone texture on top of it. Basically, it looked like a 3D stone carving of my initials. I made the entire animation. It had the “HG” stone fall from the top of the screen onto the word “PRODUCTIONS” and flatten it a little as it absorbs the impact. The final frame would say “HG PRODUCTIONS”. I finished the animation. But I wasn’t happy with it. I mean, what does a rock carved in my initials say about me? Nothing. I’m not a Rausch Brother. Also, it took about 30 minutes to create…so it was too simple for me. So I started over.

Frustrated, I looked around the classroom; I then spotted a colorwheel. I was overcome with inspiration. Check out my finished project in this small version, the quality is much better. If you can’t see it, then check it out here. It’s about 3 seconds long, so if it seems to go super fast, play it again and it will go normal speed.

Our next assignment: create a short sports animation for DSU’s basketball Daktronics video board. Anyone have any ideas?