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Super-extremo Fast Post

Watching Two weekends ago I went to Okoboji to spend some time with friends. I also scrapbooked with the girls. It probably isn’t something I’ll continue to do, because I’m an all-digital girl. But it was a lot of fun! Miles came along and he did boy stuff with the boys. It’s always a fun time hanging out with camp friends. Oddly, it makes me want to go to Disney World.

I only took three pictures, so they’re in my Random pictures Flickr set.

Thanksgiving was good. We spent most of it in Hawarden, but did spend one night in Big Stone City. Miles has nearly met everyone on the Gregg side. Except for my uncle and his wife. It was a good weekend, but I’m tired. As usual. Two weeks left, then finals…

Hey! Anyone want to see a fully-grown man and 8-year-old boy eat chili soup off the floor?

DSU blogging

DSU is having students blog for them. Basically to give prospective students an idea of what it’s like to go to school here. I think I’ve told you about that before. But anyway, I’m giving you all the link to that. You won’t find it interesting, mainly because everything I post on there, I usually have already posted on here. But you can see it if you want to.

Theater commercial

Our assignment in Graphic Effects: Create a 15 second animated “commercial” for DSU using Director; use cut-out pictures and place a white border around them.

Holly Smith and I joined our creative efforts together to create a commercial for DSU, featuring the Theater Department. We kind of made it look like a puppet show, where the people rock back-and-forth when they talk. It ended up being a little over 90 seconds and seemed to take forever, but we think it looks awesome and are very excited about the way it turned out. Enjoy!

Note: This is not the commercial Noah Sanderson and I are in that will air on KSFY soon. That commercial can be found here.

Feed Me!

Cast Party This past weekend was my old High School’s production of Little Shop of Horrors, directed by the one and only: my Dad. It was a great show and I heard many people say that it was the best musical/play that West Sioux had ever performed. And I agree. I’m so proud of my dad! And my sister did makeup and this musical required a lot of makeup changes and everything always looked great!

Also, I got to see lots of kids wearing the Little Shop of Horrors shirt I made. How exciting for me! As you can see, we had the cast party at our home. The cast/crew/pitband watched Saturday night’s performance on the big screen. And they often made fun of the recording. (I was in charge of taping). There were over 30 people sitting in our living room (not everyone who was there is in the above picture). Then when there were about 10 people or so left, they went downstairs to play pool. That’s the first time that pool table has been used in a couple of years.

The last person to leave didn’t leave until after 2:30. Don’t high schoolers have curfews anymore?