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Whatever happened to JTT?

JTTThe other day, I was watching TBS (this is no different from any normal day of my life) and the movie Man of the House was showing. I saw Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a teenager and thought about how he was such a big hit as the sarcastic son, Randy, on Home Improvement, the voice of the young cub, Simba, in The Lion King, and a college-aged son, Jake, who finds the meaning of Christmas in I’ll Be Home for Christmas. It got me wondering, “Whatever happened to JTT?” I mentioned this to Miles, and (surprise!) he suggested actually looking it up.

As it turns out, he’s still around in the industry. He’s done a lot of voice acting for animated series. However, his last “appearance” was in Thru the Moebius Strip as the voice of Prince Ragis. I’d be willing to bet no one who reads this blog has heard of it.

Did you know JTT was born in Bethlehem? Just like Jesus! Only he was born in the Pennsylvania version of the town.

The meaning of this post, “Jonathan Taylor Thomas…JTT…if you read this blog, we want you back!”

Merry Christmas!

Please enjoy this very short animation I made for Christmas. If I had more time, I would have added audio. However, I didn’t have more time. Merry Christmas!

We did it!

The Falls

Happy Anniversary, baby!

Cheating the system

I buy my books online. I do this simply because of financial reasons. It makes sense; why buy at the bookstore, when I can get it for less than 50% off online. I don’t mean to not support the DSU Bookstore. I think I do my fair share of shopping there, but it just makese sense. Usually, I can buy all my books online for under $100 and no shipping. This semester, I bought two particular books online for a total of $80 – hardcover Biology book, paperback Figure Drawing book.

I went to the bookstore to sell them yesterday. Over the past four semesters of selling my books back to the bookstore, I’ve made a total of about $90. As I was waiting in line, the girl two people in front of me, returned 7 books and got $105 back. The guy in front of me returned 3 books and got $80 back. Now I didn’t think much of this, because that has happened in the past – the people in front of me get lots of money and then I get $6 back. I handed over my books. It took him a long time to process the Biology book (because it was hardcover, and they only had paperback returned so far). He hands me $86. I’ll give you a moment to do the math.

That’s right, folks. I made a profit selling my books back to the bookstore! Unheard of. Until now. This only furthers my belief that I need to continue buying my books online.
DSU is #1

Ping Pong Reject

Here’s my first custom 3D animation. It’s my final project for 3D. Make sure you have your sound on. I would say I spent around 15 hours on it total. I’ve watched it a lot and now see things I would fix, but I’m pretty proud of it and am really liking 3D and animating…Enjoy.