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Camp, as in “crazy”

As some (but probably not many) of you know, I am back at camp. In the summers of 02 and 03, I volunteered for a few weeks off and on as a junior counselor. In the summers of 04 and 05, I was a staff member for the full 12 weeks. Last summer I was interning in Brookings, and this summer I’m back. I’m on support staff, and will be doing odds and ends and filling in where I’m needed, but my main specialty will be taking pictures and preparing an end of week presentation and picture CDs for the campers.

I’m not at camp for the full 12 weeks this summer, however. I have a summer class on campus, starting in July and will be leaving for that. I will return for part of a week later in July and then for the last staff night at the end of the summer. I arrived at camp on Sunday evening and here is a list of things I’ve done so far:

  • Slept in Guest, alone, for three whole nights (not a pleasant experience) Guest is where staff members sleep on weekends and when they are not counseling. It has 7 bedrooms, 4 girls and 3 guys.
  • Helped unload a truck full of 10,000 lbs of food and other miscellaneous items
  • Spilled green latex paint on the carpet of a cabin. I didn’t really spill it, there was a hole in the can.
  • Ate at Perkins three times; ordered the same thing
  • Was denied part of a donation to Goodwill
  • Picked up an order of baby lungs
  • Ate Flintstones gummy vitamins like they were candy
  • Vomited (unrelated to above item)
  • Watched Grey’s Anatomy because the person who owns the TV overruled my request to watch Scrubs
  • Squealed when Jim asked Pam out for dinner
  • Followed a path of spilled milk throughout an entire community
  • Almost ran out of gas. And when we got to the gas station, the attendants made us wait to fill up because they were changing the prices! Up ten cents!
  • Went without checking my email for nearly 8 hours, gasp!
  • Talked about Spiderman 3 with a 2nd grader
  • Cleaned a grill
  • “Ran” the camp…I was all alone…
  • Spent hours in a basement organizing items
  • Threw items in the dumpster in slow motion while singing Chariots of Fire
  • Successfully spent hours with a teenage girl, receiving no eye rolls. That I know of.
  • Filled up a vehicle and the total bill was $98, and it wasn’t completely empty
  • Have seen more bananas than a person should in a lifetime
  • Received nearly identical cuts on my forearms
  • Drove a 15-passenger van, in the wind, to Sioux Falls

Welcome to my exciting summer. and campers don’t show up until June!

Tickets: SOLD OUT

This is a little preliminary…but I haven’t gotten a parking ticket at all during this school year.  I’m here until Friday, so look for an update in case I run into a serious of unfortunate events.

My freshman year, I had to stay after my finals on Thursday and Friday night because the band played for graduation on Saturday.   On Thursday night, I parked my car in a red parking spot (for faculty) because there were no finals the next day.  APPARENTLY, the faculty were still required to be on campus, and so it was counted a school day and I got a $30 ticket!!!  I was so sad because it was my last day!  *tear*

My sophomore year, I was at Miles’s apartment until like 2am or something on a Saturday night.  When I came back, I parked in the handicapped spot.  I only did this because on the weekends, they’ve never ticketed someone there on the weekend.  I got up to go to church on Sunday and…BAM!!!  A $50 ticket!  What’s worse is that ever since, I’ve seen cars parked in that spot, even on week days, and never have seen a ticket.  Whats worstest is that I appealed it, and it didn’t go through.  *double tear*

That’s my sob story.  I’m only telling it because I’ve changed my future.

UPDATE: I became a Mary Kay consultant!  My first party is Wednesday.