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Mother would be proud

parachute Guess what? I fixed a parachute! And with an 80 year old sewing machine! Ironically, it works just as good or better than any other machine I have ever used. Also, I patched a rip. I’m a modern-day Rosie the Riveter!

Question: Have you ever seen a parachute?

Answer: They’re big.

Question: Have you ever tried to feed a parachute through a sewing machine?

Answer: It’s not so bad, except for the very middle area where the hole is.

Please? Also, I look at this picture, and all I can think is “PLEASE?!” This Lhasa-poo is visiting us for the week, and she is adorable! Her name is Claire, and I want one.

Question:  What is more precious than Claire?

Answer:  A diamond. But nothing else.  And fiances.

I heart her and want to keep her.  Though a puppy probably wouldn’t be around for another year at best, I want one just like her.  She’s like a stuffed animal who walks.  And has a pulse.  And poops.  And sometimes eats.

Question:  Can anyone guess why my post is titled this way?  (Two reasons!)


Boji Ball It must be because the theme for the day today at camp talks about carrying each other’s burdens, but I’ve felt quite burdened today. Most of it being the anxiety of returning to Madison to take a science class, and work for very few hours. If I can cover rent, utilities, food, etc, it would be just barely. And optimistic. It looks like I might need a second job. That’s poopy mcpoopster. But a lot of people do that, I guess.

If you think of it, maybe pray that I don’t think of these things while I’m at camp…that, along with allergies, really drained me today.

On a totally awesome note, I heart my picture. I took it during a game of Boji Ball (which is literally sweeping the nation). Look at the complete terror and victorious expressions on their faces. PRICELESS! More pictures found here.