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Better Off

This month, I took Zoology on campus to complete my general education classes. (Which surprisingly is pronounced ‘Zoh-ology’, in contrast to my pronunciation: “Zoo-ology”.)

It was Monday-Friday from 8am-noon. Each day was equivalent to a week’s worth of information (and lab) in a normal semester. As you could probably imagine, it was intense. Though, I really enjoyed the class. If you knew me, you’d know that science is my least favorite subject (in Elementary school, even after reading..if you can believe it).

If you know me and didn’t know that about me, you didn’t know me like you thought.

However, my professor made the experience quite enjoyable. Miles had said he really liked him, so that helped when I was deciding to take the class. Some of our labs, we’d go outside and try to catch the animals we were talking about. Usually we were successful. We even went out to Lake Herman once.

Most of our labs consisted of dissecting the anmials we were talking about. The largest thing we dissected was a shark (2-3 feet). My catch phrase in the class was “SICK!”; a habit I adopted from camp friend, Krista.

It took a lot of my short-term memory to do well in the class.  A lot more than I’ve used in a long time.  But I can tell you where the gizzard is on an earthworm!  And bones in Hogan!  In any case, this summer class was well worth it and I would recommend it to fellow classmates.

Furthermore, I got an A in the class.  Which proves that I was better off taking this class than continuing on in pain with Physics last semester.  Case closed.