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Philly Weekend

As many of you know, Miles and I traveled to Philadelphia this past weekend to visit Bryce and Lindsey. We weren’t there for long, but we had a good time.

Bensi's We stayed at Miles’s aunt Karin’s place in Sioux Falls on Thursday night; since our flight was at 5:45am, we didn’t want to wake up an hour earlier to drive to the airport from Madison, and she was kind enough to let us stay in her unoccupied rooms. We got there late, and consequently got little sleep.

The next morning we flew to Philly, with a 90 minute layover in Minneapolis/St. Paul and arrived at 1:30pm. Twenty minutes before we landed, I got severe sinus pressure and could feel it in my jaws, like last August when I had a sinus infection. So I was hoping it would go away when I could get to some medicine in my luggage. We hadn’t eaten since our layover at 8:00am, but neither of us were really hungry. Lindsey picked us up and we were on our way. When Bryce got home, we went to pick up wings, and iced fruit drinks (kind of like Tropical Sno). I got carsick on the way back and threw up about 1/4 mile from the apartment. (I was able to not get any on the car. I’m awesome.) I felt much better.

The next day we went out on the town. We walked around Philly; went to the LOVE park and other sites like the Liberty Bell and Chinatown. It was a beautiful day. For lunch, we had real Philly Cheese Steaks. I couldn’t eat all of mine, too much sandwich for me. That night we went to the Franklin Institute of Science [I’m not entirely sure that’s what it’s called]. There, we saw a video on The Secrets of the Pharaohs in IMAX and the King Tut exhibit. I’m sad to report that King Tut’s remains were not there. However, using forensic science [Lindsey!] they created what he might have looked like. And to be honest, I thought he looked eerily like David. Which is awesome, because David was cast as the boy king in a short play Miles wrote for the Freshman Showcase. Maybe he’s Tut in an afterlife. How exciting! My only regret for the day is not walking up the Rocky steps…but we couldn’t get there because a stage was being set up in front of it and such.

Late that night we had Italian and some good laughs. Sunday morning we went to Church, had a sandwich at Wawa’s, and had ice cream at a place similar to Cold Stone. Bryce and Lindsey dropped us off at the airport. Our flight was delayed a little over an hour, and delayed in Minneapolis/St. Paul as well, making our arrival to Madison quite late [or early, this morning].

All in all, it was a great trip and it was good to see Bryce and Lindsey again. Thanks for letting us stay with you! See photos here.

Finally Finished! (No spoilers)

Well, much later than most Harry Potter readers, I’ve finally finished the book. I was surprised at how fast I read it, since I hate reading and usually try to avoid it. But I would mostly read it when Miles and I would work out, so that was nearly every day. The last couple chapters, however, I would read in my spare time…while Miles runs upstairs to get his Macbook or while waiting for him to come pick me up to go work out, etc.

In any case, it was enjoyable, as many of you have expressed yourselves. I did know the ending…so that was a little anticlimactic. But I got over it.  Now, on to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!  Did I fool you?

Engagement Photos [part deux]

Holli and Miles Rausch-1045 We got our engagement photos back! They’re quite enjoyable, and we have all of the rights to them. So that really rocks my socks off.

There are several of me laughing. And several of us kissing. So if you hate laughter (Debra) or vomit at the sight of kissing (David), then don’t view them! This is your warning.

Also, we are now very aware of what we look like when we kiss in certain ways. Nose squishes aren’t very picturesque.

Engagement Photos

On Wednesday, Miles and I went to Sioux Falls for our engagement photos with Scott Meyer Photography. Neither one of us ended up wearing what we had originally planned on and it had been raining most of the afternoon. After a little miscommunication on the time of the shoot, we got started. We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to seeing the photos (sometime next week). He posted a couple of them on his blog. They look great so far. I can’t wait for our wedding photos, either!