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Farley-front I introduce you to Farley, the character I modeled from a tutorial, named by a combination of two reader suggestions: Farlie and Harley. (Thanks, Miles and Christina!) He’s not superb, but he’s not bad. I had a lot of fun making him, so I hope you all enjoy him. I don’t know if we’ll be animating Farley, or moving right on to making our own characters and animating them. (I’ve already sketched my idea out…I’m such a modeling nerd.)

Farley-close One thing is for sure, we need to put skeletons in them before we can animate realistic movement. Also, adding a skeleton makes it much easier to animate than without one. I’m quite excited and hope we get started ASAP. I’d like to include it in my portfolio by the end of the month (at least the model…the animation probably isn’t realistic).

I didn’t achieve it, mostly because of time, but I wanted his hair to look like the emo character that Chris blogged about long ago. I figure I would have needed at least an extra day to really get the hair even close.

Farley-side Did you know that in The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s hair was the hardest thing for them to animate? And in Ratatouille, the hair (on the rats) was probably the most impressive part.

Let’s just say, there likely are people whose job it is to model the hair of a character and other people whose job it is to animate it. At least, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were that specific.

Character Modeling

skater-headless-2.pngSo we’ve started to dabble with character modeling in 3D class. Right now, we’re all following a tutorial so it isn’t too challenging (technically or creatively) and they’ll all end up nearly exactly alike. But it’s quite fun. I wish we would have been doing this a long time ago. The body is all one object, made of a few hundred polygons (probably around 300 before making it smooth, far more with the smooth modifier). Obviously, he is missing a head, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. And, I fear my head might ruin the body, so I better post about it now, my audience can focus on the good!

skater-headless-2r.pngThe most difficult part was working on the hands. I had some vertexes crossed on the fingers and they looked weird and paper thin. I fixed them. (Yes, there were only supposed to be 3 fingers and a thumb.) So I’m a little proud of how they look at this point. Soon, I’ll be adding the collar to the shirt, a head, and materials to the character. Anyway, I was thinking I should name him. Any ideas?

Hawkeye Football

Hawkeye This weekend Miles and I traveled with my familiy (Mom, Dad, Marissa, Adam and Cari) to Iowa City, IA for some Hawkeye Football. We left at 7:30 am on Saturday and Miles and I read/acted out my dad’s new play for the high school on the way to picking up Adam and Cari from Urbandale (4.5 hrs away). It sure did pass the time! A couple hours later we were in Williamsburg at the outlet mall. There I bought a few clothing items and some jewelry.

An hour later, we were at Scheels in Iowa City where we went shopping for Hawkeye gear. There was A LOT! I bought a shirt and Miles bought a hat. Now we have something to wear over Christmas vacation when the whole family watches Iowa’s bowl game.

We were in the 6th row, on the visitors’ side right in front of the goal line. It was super close to the action. Check out the photos here! After an exciting game, Iowa won (35) over Syracuse (0).