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Wedding Bells

So this is basically my first post about the wedding since we got engaged. Next week, we’ll be three months away. And that’s a little crazy. Out of the weekends in the near future, it looks like the only one that is available is the weekend before I graduate. It makes me stressed out. I wouldn’t say that I get stressed out easily, I just have enough going on in my life all the time that I’m stressed often. I know a lot of this will pass in a couple weeks, because I’ll be motivated again, once the middle of the semester has passed.
Here are a few examples of how I know the stress is settling in:

  • I’m getting zits on my cheeks
  • When I think of a big project I need to do, I feel like sleeping
  • More nights than not, I have a nightmare about the wedding going wrong or it comes up so fast that we don’t have everything ready
  • Feeling self-conscious
  • I would rather work ahead in class than work on wedding projects
  • I make a checklist of little things (like, “think about such and such design”) just so that I can cross it off when I do that and feel like I accomplished something

I am very excited for the wedding. We have some great things planned, and are still planning some great things.  I just need a little more time in each day.