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Day 3: “It’s Like a Band Party and Everyone’s Invited” by In Ink Please

Despite having an abnormally long title that isn’t in the lyrics, this song is hard not to sing along to. If you can figure out the words since they sing at the same time a lot. The band In Ink Please was formed when two singers from other bands got together. And fell in love? (I don’t think so.) The band isn’t together now, the girl went off to college or something. But maybe, just maybe, they’ll get back together. This song is about their two bands splitting up. This band is probably my most favorite ever. It’s fun when Miles and I are singing in the car because I can’t sing high (or well) and he can, so I sing the boy part and he sings the girl part. It’s quite enjoyable.

Notable lyric (though possibly inaccurate): One half of us took our starters and ran \ one fourth of that half is living on the fall back plan \ one half of that fourth of that half is in his room \ preparing his nine-month solo project called \ visit me soon…

I couldn’t find the song online anywhere, so here’s a link to their MySpace page…sorry.