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Summer Movie Review

I started this post in August (the last time we saw a movie in theaters, except for Dan in Real Life last weekend. Must see.) The furthest I got was naming the movies I’m pretty sure I saw throughout the summer. It came to either deleting it, or writing it.

Spiderman 3
I remember not being disappointed by it really. But, to be honest, all I remember is what I saw in trailers…And when I try to remember, some of Superman Returns leaks into my memories. And now that I write this, when did X-Men 3 come out? Because I’ve seen it, but don’t remember when. And if it was this summer, then it should be on this list.

Miles and I had been looking forward to this movie since we saw a teaser in the summer of 06. Pixar has the ability to really wow me with storyline, animation, and creativity (unlike some other animation companies, I care not to mention in case some day they offer me a job). I was really wanting this movie to be my next “favorite movie”. It’s not. Don’t get me wrong, the animation and modeling and textures were super-fricken-fantastic. I mean, the water animation in the sewers, the hair on the rats…incredible. Storyline? Pretty decent and funny. Creativity? Pretty not. The thing I look forward to in Pixar animations most is the world the animators create. That’s what makes animation so great…you can create a world that doesn’t currently exist and be created by film. I mean, Monsters, Inc. had an entire monster world that was very unique. Cars was a unique way of making vehicles into characters and their interesting interactions with the world. The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, all had unqiue worlds within believeable worlds. Superheros, a new take on the social interactions between sea animals, and how we all imagined, as kids, our toys behaved when we weren’t looking. But the rat world wasn’t creative…nearly non-existent. And that, to me, was disappointing. What was the point of using animation for the picture if you aren’t going to create a sewer world that is different from how we already imagine it?

The Simpsons
Mostly saw it because Miles wanted to. It had been a long time since seeing an episode of The Simpsons. And this movie was disappointing. I just felt like I had paid $8.25 for a TV episode. Lame. And Spiderpig isn’t funny, except for the fact that Spiderman 3 had just been released.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End
I enjoyed the movie. However, I feel that I would have appreciated it more if there was more time for anticipation to build. The long wait between 1 and 2 made the sequel that much better. I had missed Jack’s drunkenness and the new characters were disgusting as well as intriguing (and not just because they were mostly 3D). But this movie seemed to be a continuation of the 2nd movie. No new characters, no new plot for the most part, and I wasn’t missing Jack. I mean, a month after the sequel came out I heard that production had started for the 3rd one and it should be out the following summer. No anticipation. If this movie had come out in 2008, I think I (and most people) would have been more impressed and satisfied.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Hard for me to comment on, since I haven’t read the book. But I liked it. I’m currently on page 106, and have been since October, of this book. I have a little less motivation to read the books when I already know what happens. I mean…I love Sirius and all…but how can you get attached to someone when you know he dies? (That was a spoiler, and if you’re mad, you should have already seen the movie or read the book and you’re not a true fan. Neither am I.) Anyway, good movie, sad ending, can’t wait for the next one but hope to have that book read before I see it.

Maybe I should have chosen to delete the post…