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panoramic-stained-glass After a little over a year of planning, we finally did it. Miles and I got married. And we had a really fun weekend! The rehearsal and dinner were fabulous. I wished I had been more hungry because I had about 4 bites of my steak. Then I sat there and all of the sudden the waiters started bringing out pieces of chocolate pie! I had forgotten we had Christina’s Concoctions make some pies for the dinner and I thought, “YES, that is exactly what I want right now!” We handed out gifts and thank you’s and I think people enjoyed them and I went back and packed up a lot more of my house.

I thought I wouldn’t remember much of “the big day” (mostly because that’s what everyone said) but the only thing I don’t recall is if I shaved when I showered that morning. I did. *phew* I know people thought we were weird for having the reception and dance end so early, but I really didn’t want people waiting around for the reception to start, as many people wouldn’t have a house or hotel room to go to in between the ceremony and reception. It helped me, if no one else, to have no down-time. And we had a lot of fun! It seemed like a lot of others did too. And Marissa and Bryce – we loved your speeches. As for the decorations, the Playhouse seemed to have transformed. If you’ve ever seen it before that night, you definitely know how different it looked. Even the caterer and servers commented on the impact color in there had. My aunt is amazing at what she does. And our hosts/esses did an excellent job of keeping things flowing smoothly. Bryan, Heather, Debra and Jackie – you rock!

loungeWhenever we get the chance, we’ll post the first-dance video. My dad got it on his camera when the DJ requested it as the last song, but it’s mostly our silhouettes and so I am hoping Bob got our facial expressions and stuff. I know that he got the first half the first time and probably the second half the second time (he was in the entry way when we started it that last time and someone went out to get him).

Anyway, we moved me the next day (thanks to all who helped, we really needed you!) And it was a great weekend. I’m still working on putting the apartment together and even though I’ve made a lot of progress, it doesn’t look like it.

The photos are already up and if I didn’t get an email to you with the username and password, let me know and I’ll hook you up. The photos look great and I’m so excited to have them in our home! Thanks to everyone who was there, who played a part in our special day, and who thought of us this weekend. We’re off to Disney World on Sunday and as bloggers, there will probably be a post or two while we’re there. If not – deal with it!

But seriously, there probably will.

Bachelorette Party

Cupcake Jar Well, I didn’t think I’d be posting again before the wedding, but here I am. Last weekend was my bachelorette party. First we all met at Color Me Mine in Sioux Falls. Basically, you pick out a ceramic piece (anything from a mug to a frog piggy bank), then you paint it however you want and they’ll glaze and fire it (to pick up a week later). Molly and Brenna came late because of basketball practice, and unfortunately they came after their cut off point for before they close and didn’t get to paint. We’ll do it sometime when they come to Sioux Falls. Here’s a list of others who came and what they made:

Holli: decorative plate that says “DREAM”
Miles: Triceratops that everyone unfortunately made fun of but will likely turn out to be the best one
Marissa: cupcake jar
Holly: penguin bank
Bob: Science mug

Then we went out to eat at Olive Garden where we had a much shorter wait than the staff had predicted, so that was a nice treat! The food was delicious and we all had a good time. :) The night ended at the apartment where we chit-chatted with the Davidsons a little and the girls fell asleep. Thanks to Holly who planned it all!

This week has been pretty quiet and minimal as far as wedding planning goes. I took half days last week which has turned out to be almost the best decision of my life. It gives me time to relax, pack up my house, and be able to take time to go to Sioux City for friends that need to be surrounded by love. Though I got paid half as much last week, the half-days were a blessing.

The Final Countdown [buhdaduhdaaaa…]

With less than two weeks to go, things are starting to get exciting! I’ve been sick the past few days, and are now in a state of rest, and so things were on hold (as much as I could leave them on hold, anyway). Miles and I attended the last bridal shower, he got his final hair cut, we’re working on getting insurance figured out, and calling the final people who didn’t RSVP. For the record, please always send in an RSVP when the event calls for that. We’ve had over 100 more guests say they’re coming, through calling/emailing after the RSVP date. We still have a little over a dozen to contact.

Then I need to turn in final numbers to caterer, cake lady, my aunt, and the reception manager. Then I need to finalize the seating arrangements. Buy a few things, put a few things together, print a few things, call a few people, order a few things and attend my Bachelorette party. Though it looks like a lot written out, it’s not as bad as it could be. And I’m not freaking out. But I’ve still got a couple weeks for that…

See you all soon!

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