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What was lost is now found

Hair Salon The day of the wedding, I brought my camera to the hair salon and took photos. I also planned to bring it to the head table at the reception to take some fun photos of my own. However, between the hair salon and the church, my camera became missing. Several people searched my car when they heard I couldn’t find it. Of course, I’m not sure how they got the keys to my car, but I am not concerned about that. I’ve always assumed that it was in my car in some unchecked corner. I just never looked myself. I kept thinking, I will when it’s nicer out. And then I didn’t. And then it snowed when it should be nice, several times.

On Saturday, to mark our one-quarter anniversary, I found my camera in one of the outside pockets of my small suitcase. When I left the salon, I remember I had a lot of things in my hands and I knew my suitcase would be coming with me into the church, so I put my camera in there (because I didn’t want to spend time unzipping the whole thing). The only problem with that plan is that I did not remember doing it. I only found it because as we were ready to go to Big Stone City, I remembered I needed to pack a necklace and (because I didn’t want to spend time unzipping the whole thing), I put it in an outside pocket. The same outside pocket where my camera had found a new home.

And I just spent the last few minutes searching for my camera cord. It didn’t take me as long to find it.

It’s too bad I didn’t have it for Disney World, but at least I have it now. See the missing ten photos at the beginning of Our Wedding album.

How to Drive a Graphic Designer Mad

Inspired by an email forward I received and found funny, I’ve created a list of eight things (in no particular order) you can do to drive a Graphic Designer mad. If I spent more time thinking, I probably could come up with a lot more. But I’ve got supper to make.

EIGHT – Call everything they make “pretty”. It boosts their self-esteem and really gives value to their work.

SEVEN – Ask for clip art. In all honesty, it is extremely disappointing when you’re asked to use your 4-year degree to look up 40 different images of a turkey.  We just won’t do it.

SIX – Send them small pictures to use in advertisements, flyers, catalogs, etc. More specifically, send them images you downloaded off a website. And then ignore their emails when they explain that they need images at a higher resolution. Or just resize it yourself in Microsoft Word. Which brings me to…

FIVE – Send them pictures embedded in a Microsoft Word document. Rather than simply attaching a .jpeg in an email, please neatly lay them out in Word and send it off. They’ll thank you for your organizational skills.

FOUR – Ask for star bursts. LOTS of them. There’s nothing else in the design world that can make your important information stand out from the rest.

THREE – If creating a flyer or advertisement, request lots of different fonts to be used (extra points if you ask for Comic Sans or Sand). Make sure they make the text really small, too.

TWO – Bevel and Emboss. Request them. On everything. But describe it like this “Make it look like a bubble. Like something you can push.”

ONE – When giving direction for the project, just simply say “Be creative.” They’ll know exactly what you mean.

Ahh, to be 21 again…

Photo of Megaphone and CampersHere’s a list of “firsts” that happened when I was 21.

  • Rented a House
  • Received 1st place in 2D for my photo in Beadlemania
  • Discovered I didn’t like alcohol, only the fruity stuff in mixed drinks
    • I found out I like juice
  • Became a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant
  • Worked at my favorite place of employment
  • Gained a sister-in-law
  • Later gained a brother-in-law, three sisters-in-law, and parents-in-law
  • Took a summer class – Zoology – and enjoyed it
  • Finished Harry Potter
  • Acted in a traveling children’s show
  • Posed for many more photos than I ever want to for the rest of my life
  • Visited Philly
  • Modeled and animated a 3D character
  • Wrote this letter to Andrew Wilson
  • Began creating monthly wallpapers
  • Was in the top two for a great job and didn’t get it, triggering the beginning of no graphic design openings in a 50 mile radius
  • Gave one of two student speeches at graduation
  • Graduated a semester early, summa cum laude
  • Fell in love with Albie
  • Started a “favorite songs” blog posting excursion and failed to complete it
  • Cheered on my fiance as he applied for and obtained employment with a company I’ve wanted to be a part of
  • Photo of Animal Crackers and Imaginary Friends Took a painting class and decided I mega-loathe it
  • Spent Christmas away from home
  • Got married
    • Died a little
      • I kid!
  • Acted dead
  • Began responding to a new last name
  • Vacationed to the happiest place on earth with the only man on earth that makes me happiest
  • Owned a TV bigger than 27″
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the company of an 18 month old
  • Gained a permanent roommate
  • Was unemployed for over 2 months
  • Detached from the blogs
  • Watched an entire Season (and then some) of LOST in less than 48 hours

Wow, I guess I had a lot going on in the past year…!

In the Coffin

I think in the finale of Season 3, it’s “Kevin Johnson” in the coffin. I had this revelation tonight, almost a year after it first aired. For those of you who are caught up in LOST, you know who I’m talking about. For those of you who aren’t, or haven’t seen LOST but intend to start, I haven’t spoiled anything. If you know who I’m talking about, then be careful in your comments – there are readers who aren’t caught up yet so don’t spoil it for them.

And there’s a greater than 90% chance that I’m way off.

The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz Thanks to Evan, who passed along The Impossible Quiz via his blog. It’s a good time waster, and I kind of wish I had known about it weeks ago. To answer the questions, you have to use logic, guesswork, and strategy (to know when to guess and when to use a skip). There’s even a LOST reference (4 8 15 16 23 42). You earn skips as you go. I’m at question 56 and I’ve been playing for a half hour last night and a half hour this morning. I have only tried 56 twice, but you can’t skip it and I had 3 lives both times. I can’t figure it out. And you have to start from the beginning every time. So when I lose my lives, I’ve got to go through all those questions again to get back to the one that got me stuck. So if I guessed on any, I’ve got to remember where I guessed. Here’s a helpful note: if you’re playing this game where you shouldn’t be (work, school, etc), turn the sound off.

Update: After two more tries, I defeated question 56 and am now on 65.  But I’m done for a while.  It’s a lot of clicking.