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On a Walk


Potato Man Today I went on a photo walk. I strolled around Terrace Park/Japanese Garden and McKennan Park. I had gone on a walk this morning and knew it would be a beautiful day for photos. Since I needed something to do as some commissioned design work was on hold, I decided it was now or never.

I was feeling less than inspired without a live model to help me out, but I think there were some great photos that came out of just 90 minutes of walking around. I couldn’t see the LCD screen hardly at all because of the sun so I just guessed at exposures and took multiple photos at different angles and exposures to be sure I got something useful. You can see all of the photos in my Photo Walk 08-20-08 set and I also took some photos of textures that have several different uses, some of which have been applied to several photos in the Photo Walk set.

Check out the set and tell me which photo is your favorite!

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has no recent activity? Obviously Facebook has not been watching the 2008 Olympics.

Three Vector Portraits

Vector Portraits

I was asked to create these three vector portraits yesterday. I spent 4.5 hrs yesterday and 7.5 hrs today working on them. While they aren’t exactly spitting images of the persons, they are pretty darn close and take on some of their characteristics. I’m pretty proud of them.

I’m having issues with using black in Illustrator. For some reason, the default black swatch isn’t true black and so after I’m all done with an image, I realize that the “black” I used is actually slightly grey or purple. I’ve had this issue on two separate computers, so I know it’s not how I have the swatches set up. But it might be something with the color mode – anyone out there know what the issue might be? I only notice it once I save as a .jpg, never while I’m creating.

Bargain shopper, for the win!

Hoover Windtunnel I had gift cards and coupons galore, cluttering my purse. So today, I decided to buy things. I couldn’t spend much, if any, money because my next paycheck may not be for a while. Here are the things I purchased:

  • Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum – $0.00 with gift cards and 25% off coupon
  • Can opener – $2.63 with gift cards and 25% off coupon
  • Brown dress pants – $29.83 with gift card
  • Black dress pants – $0.00 with in-store credit
  • Black flat shoes – $8.05 with $10 off filled punch card
  • Valentino’s supper later tonight – $0.00 with gift card

I then sold some of my old clothes to Plato’s Closet to make up for the *actual* money I spent. I also got my ring cleaned and inspected, but I can get that done twice a year for free. I bought a couple gift cards for my sisters’-in-law birthdays, but those don’t count in my bargain list. Neither does the dirt for Haji the Turtle. Things I was hoping to find deals on or buy with gift cards: new purse, bangles, brown necklace. Another day. After I have income again.

I cannot wait to try out the new vacuum.

Wall Decals

Light post

Lamp post, master bedroom. Aug 7, 2008.


Bamboo, near front door. Aug 3, 2008.

Kitchen table

Floral, kitchen table. Aug 7, 2008.

I know what you’re thinking, Mom. No, it isn’t permanent. Actually, it’s contact paper. So it peels off dry wall easier than dead skin on a sunburn! And it looks fantastic, just like paint, sometimes. If you want to see more angles and photos of these, view them in my Fine Art & Atmospheric Art set. I’d like to do more but am having some creative block. Miles would like to see some sort of burst behind the iMac. I haven’t come up with anything fantastic in that realm yet. I’ve thought about fancy chandelier silhouettes and lots of ornamental decor types of designs but haven’t found something I’m super excited about yet. And maybe that will wait until we get into a more permanent living space. Like a house. But here are photos of our apartment, if you get inspired with a suggestion I could do somewhere – post a comment with it!